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Twitter Opens Big Window On Racism In Erie County, PA Justice

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Twitter Opens Big Window On Racism In Erie County, PA Justice




Pt. 1   “Roots of Bigotry;”

Pt. 2, “The Fair & Balanced Justice System, & The Seat Of The Problem;”

Pt. 3, “The Red Meat;”

a) “The Negro Conundrum;”
b) “Problems With The Police? What Problems?
c) “Let’s Make America White Again;”
d) “Klansmen, And Kriminals, And Guns, Oh, MY!
e) “God, And The ‘Anti’-Establishment

Pt. 4, “The Cat Drags The Proof Carcass Up Onto The Front Porch

Das Boot 2

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First Chapter “Roots of Bigotry

Believe it or not, this all started as a FaceBook post, then became a blog article, and could probably now be classified as a short book. As it turns out, this subject is rather weighty and requires a lot of space, which is why we’ve included plenty of pictures and reference links to enhance and source the story along the way. We’ve also included chapter markers, to make it convenient for anyone who might not want to read the entire piece in one sitting.
Our hope is that people will benefit from this work, especially those who’ve suffered under the heel of corruption in a thoroughly rotten system. The desire to help the victims of a pernicious abuse who have previously had no recourse, is precisely what motivated us to begin.


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First Chapter “Roots of Bigotry

Words like “racism,” and “bigot,” are touchy subjects with most people, but let’s be honest; we’re all of us bigots to some degree, it’s a natural human tendency to want to think one understands something completely, based upon very limited, or even no experience. We’ve all been raised as Americans in a very violently bigoted and racist society; but we want to believe that the Civil Rights era cured all that stuff, and we’re all better now, living in a “post-racial” society, where everyone gets treated the same. The one thing no one ever, ever wants to do, is talk about racism, there is probably no subject that is more universally off-limits; but racism is a sickness, it’s a cancer of thought and behavior, and it doesn’t get better on its own by pretending it isn’t there, any better than any other type of cancer. The only difference is, racism can and must be excised by the one afflicted with it. Racism, is a choice. To be, or not to be.

Racism is also an addiction. Anyone who knows anything about mental disorders and treatment, particularly addictive disorders, knows that treatment involves acknowledging you’ve got a problem, owning it, talking about it excessively, and going through various recovery stages with the aim of freeing oneself from dependency and healing the addictive disorder. This is not a process that is entirely ‘comfortable,’ to say the least; it takes an incredible amount of will and determination; the comfort comes when the recovery starts to take hold.

If we’re honest with ourselves, when we hear the words bigot and racist, we should acknowledge that we are these things (to whatever infinitesimal degree), and we know it. That’s the source of the discomfort. Even if you’re the most non-racial person on Earth, we’ve all seen or heard racism, and those events are part of our personal experience, and thus, part of us. If you’ve ever seen someone get treated differently than someone else in a given situation because of race, that’s it right there. Talk about what you saw and how it may have affected your thinking. Once that starts, you’ll find more things will come to mind that you’d been unaware of. If you’ve ever participated in a conversation where slurs were used, while accepting that as normal; or if you’ve ever made a general, broad-based assumption about someone simply because of nationality or race; there you go, everybody on Earth has done that. TALK about it. Ignoring it doesn’t help to get rid of anything, it only perpetuates the problem.

We ask you, as you read this, to consider these perspectives, and to also think about this: Have you, yourself, ever really been in a minority class that suffers from discrimination and social abuse? If you ever find yourself shoved into such a subclass, through no fault of your own, by an accident of birth, what have you; that event has a way of changing your perspective – by about 180%. It’s a bit like stepping through a looking glass, and staring out at reality for the first time in your life, rather than being transfixed by a reflection; if you can really imagine that.

Narcissus  Sm

The stories you are about to read are true, every one of them. Most of the names have not been changed, since this is not a work of fiction, but a few have, and some names have been deliberately left out for the protection of the people involved.Dragnet


All the things we say about particular people or agencies are based upon what we know from personal experience, documentation, or what they’ve said in public. Everything discussed here is grounded in real events that have actually happened, to one, more, or many people in this town, and these things continue to occur at present. Paraphrased quotes in the text have all been heard by us, we took a few liberties with the ones associated with pictures.

If you don’t believe elements of things recorded here, but you haven’t lived in the trenches of these situations, watching what’s been happening, why do you not believe? Is it because you think your public employees would never do such things? Go find out for yourself before ever swallowing such malarkey, and don’t be so naive. Investigate and ask a few questions. Unless you know someone personally involved that can tell you different, and who has no ax to grind, you have no real reason to doubt anything. We speak from events we’ve seen with our own eyes.

Pt. 1, “Roots Of Bigotry;”

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Next Chapter “The Fair & Balanced Justice System, & The Seat Of The Problem

Erie, PA, the town we live in, is a typical American mid-sized city. Somewhat underpopulated, due to the exportation of the manufacturing sector overseas; after corporate-sponsored International Trade Agreements forced its union workers, who once had nice, decent-paying jobs; to compete with workers overseas, who could be got for pennies an hour. Hence, the place underwent significant shrinkage, from its long-held rank as PA’s 3rd largest city, slipping below Allentown into 4th place. Pretty humiliating, considering the messed-up water in Allentown, and the incredible natural environment in Erie County; the only problem stemming from the fact that the place is best known for its metamorphosis into an Arctic wasteland in Wintertime. Presque Isle In Winter

We actually like that part, but we’re from here. The drinking water in our own town is getting questionable, too, like a lot of PA water, even though Erie sits on the greatest source of freshwater in the world. There was a big fight over fluoridation some years back, while “Bags” was still on Council,

Mario Bagnoni

he was against it, so were we; Council did a good job fighting it, but the Erie Water Authority, forced it on us anyway in 2002. We’re wondering if the water has anything to do with the spread of mental illness, a phenomenon which seems to be on the rise in Erie County as we’ll see, and is a concern.

         We found recording the terms in this next section to be a really gross pursuit. To us, these represent the most disgusting words in the American speech lexicon, and we wish everyone felt that way in this country. There is no conventional curse or swear word anyone can use, which could offend our lips and tongue in speaking them, or our ears in hearing them, as these do. Washing one’s mouth out with Ivory Soap is insufficient to cleanse them, you have to go for hydrogen peroxide. We invite you to skip to the next chapter, The Fair & Balanced Justice System, if you’re overly sensitive to such things. We only state these for the record, as this is a documentary article, and the words assist in understanding the entrenched, hidden background of Erie’s racist culture, and America’s. “Racism is a sickness unto death,” as recent events in our town clearly show. This is one of the things that moved us to act.
We adopted the issue of racism as a logical extension of our original purpose, which was to fight courthouse corruption; because we quickly discovered in our conversations with people, as our contacts grew, that the two were inextricably woven, and that our own issue was, in fact, contained within this much larger one.

Erie won’t admit this in polite company, but she’s a staunch bastion of White Supremacy, where old-time segregation still rules, whites generally use the n-word to describe blacks when blacks are not believed to be in the immediate environment, and blacks are confined to, “districts,” where much of the housing is controlled by white slumlords or real estate speculators. In addition, blacks face constant mistreatment and hostility from many whites, verbal harassment is common, blacks better stay out of certain neighborhoods, and the justice system is controlled by wealthy white people who were raised and educated to look down on blacks as racial, social, and cultural inferiors. Growing up in enclaves like South Shore and Wolf Rd., these people spent idyllic childhoods referring to every black as a n_gger; using the word in kid games, and ostracizing and hate-vibing any blacks they encountered at and through school. Interactions between lower-class whites and blacks are similar, but more frequent. Whites of all classes generally use the same language shifts depending on whether any blacks are in proximity. Erie’s chief difficulty pretty much rests on her color-line, most whites think they aren’t racist, blacks disagree almost uniformly.

We’re not saying that all whites are racist, or that no blacks are. No one gets to be right or wrong 100% of the time. We’re not saying local corruption targets black people exclusively, we’re simply saying it impacts blacks disproportionately, the numbers don’t lie, and we all suffer the consequences of that. Being white in no way guarantees you won’t be targeted by the corruption, but it does statistically lower your odds.

White Supremacy, superiority, and privilege, are basic life assumptions in the world of Erie’s political class. If one watches the Mayor, when he ever speaks in public, it seems like he’s really only speaking to the white people in town, and the local newspaper is aimed at a white audience, from a white point of view.
Within white society, when blacks haven’t been collectively referred to as either, “n_ggers,” or, “the n_ggers,” other terms of endearment employed through the years have included things like: “boog,” “boogie,” “boon,” “Boy,” “coon,” “jig,” “jigaboo,” “jungle bunny,” “nig,” “niggie,” “nig-nog,” “spade,” “spear chucker,” “spoon,” etc., and a host of other such complimentary and thoughtful things. When whites want to make snark about a nearby black man, they might say, “Look at that big black cloud over yonder.”

                Other popular ethnic epithets for describing anyone “different” than the average WASP in this white-privileged “in-crowd,” have been, “Jew” (as a verb and an insult), “Hebe,” “Heebie,” “Kike,” “Sheeney,” “Spic,” “PR,” “WOP,” “Dago,” “Polack,” “Mick,” “Chink,” “Jap,” “Slant-eye,” “Rag-head,” “Redskin,” etc. Everyone deserves a little hate around town, it seems. We’re sure we must’ve left a few “nicknames” out, it’s hard to include them all with the talent people in places like Erie have for making up racial insults, and sure, “whitey,” “honky,” and “cracker,” make the cut, and this is by no means a trait unique to Erie in this country, let’s face that.
                Between whites, if one does something nice and throws a little extra bone to a partner in a business deal, the correct vernacular response would be, “that’s mighty white of you” (this can also be said in sarcasm); but if the 2nd party feels short-changed, he’ll label party #1, “Jew!” or say he’s been, “Jewed down.”  If something gets messed-up, or isn’t well-designed, it’s called a “n_gger-rig,” or said to be, “n_ggered-up.” If one spends the day employed in hard, physical labor, he’ll say, “I worked all day just like a n_gger!” If he doesn’t think he should have to do such work, he might say, “That’s what Mexicans are for.” Nice language these people use, isn’t it?
Private social clubs are kept pretty much completely segregated, and if you don’t belong to the right “restaurant”, you’re not getting anywhere near a position of any power in County Government. The same is mostly true of the City Government. Of course, blacks, “Aren’t interested, in getting involved in local politics,” but Erie has discovered a disadvantage to having all of its blacks confined to specific areas, and has not been able to hold the color-line on City Council, which has become fairly integrated.
Insipid ethnic jokes have traditionally floated around the air in Erie like cotton snow in June. That’s part of our proud heritage. Well, maybe for some of us.

Part 2: “The Fair & Balanced Justice System, & The Seat Of The Problem”

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Previous Chapter “Roots of Bigotry
Next Chapter “The Red Meat

                  As a result of the lethal, NYPD-style chokehold, that white society has on the legal system, there isn’t a black-owned law firm in the entire city; there are anecdotal reports of individual black lawyers, but the only one we personally know of is in Edinboro, not Erie. There are massive amounts of black Defendants who pay lots of legal fees to Erie’s self-titled, “Close-Knit Legal Family,” either directly or through lucrative Public Defender arrangements and/or other Court appointments.  The “clients,” are served-up like fast food; 1) by local Police, and seen paraded daily by the Sheriff through the Courthouse, in chained groups dressed in various styles of prison jumpsuits (See our editorial cartoon, “Milking The Big, Black Cow”); 2) by the Family Court, which more serves as a perpetual cash generator than anything else. Profits come before any consideration, especially kids; and 3) particularly by Judge Elizabeth Kelly, who occupies 30% of the County Sheriff’s time chasing down black, so-called, “Deadbeat Dads,” whom she creates with falsified Court Orders (See: Making A Murderer). This is a similar formula, adapted for, “Making A Deadbeat.” Once upon a time, before Judge Kelly covertly commandeered Domestic Relations, told the Court Administrator to take a powder, and turned the place into a RICO engine of governmental Consumer Fraud; the poor County Sheriff apparently languished in twiddling his thumbs 60% of the time, and the Erie County Prison was in dire need of inmates, with many, many empty beds.
Now, in an effort to maintain a population of around 700 inmates, for the keeping of whom, the County Executive wants to raise property taxes, the Sheriff keeps busy rounding-up decent people and jailing them over Support purge amounts of around $1500-$2000, or less. Collecting from every one of these, will cost the Taxpayer as much as twenty-five-thousand smackers (plus legal fees, where applicable, plus Sheriff’s fees), by the time the Sheriff lets them out; meaning, our property taxes have to go up to pay for the County to enforce fraudulent Support Orders, to make Domestic Relations look good. Isn’t that neat? Domestic Relations doesn’t tell us that, and a lot of other things.
Usually, the people that get harassed the most by Domestic Relations, are the ones who actually try to pay, but just can’t, because the phony Orders are so completely whack. All that tax money being squandered on the support of a legalized debtors’ prison, to chew big money off people who can ill-afford it, could be going to help underprivileged kids; but instead, people are getting debt imposed upon them by the State that gets created out of thin air; and is based upon a fictitious, and usually, completely arbitrary, “income capability,” invented by Domestic Relations at Judge Kelly’s behest. “Income capability,” is basically defined as the amount Judge Kelly thinks she can extract from a non-custodial parent’s family, to keep the parent from being hauled off to jail. It is not unknown for grandparents to be forced to pay a Support Order, or innocent spouses in second marriages, when the parent simply can’t; whether it’s right or legal, are two completely separate matters, and irrelevant in Erie County’s eyes. If someone makes payments regularly, and without incident, it’s virtually certain they’ll get a big bump in their “obligation,” at the earliest opportunity; because Domestic Relations figures if somebody can actually make the payments, they must not be gouging enough, and they’re trying to sustain the prison and a lot of lawyers. Meanwhile, Domestic Relations gets its jollies spending even more tax dollars, setting its employees to shaming and abusing the children of these people online; and Kathy Dahlkemper wants higher property taxes to keep funding these abuses?

               It’s hard to talk about Domestic Relations and not touch upon its even homelier cousin, Erie County OCY; since both are highly predatory outfits that operate with similar patterns, and when they can, in concert. OCY can ignore real child abuse to the point of child death; and then turn around and target responsible, usually single parents, and fabricate abuse where it never existed. This is done so OCY can get its hooks into kids who are actually well cared for, and hopefully steal them for adoption; but at very least they’ll subject the family to some kind of “safety plan,” which often includes a bunch of visits with its resident quack psychologist, who has a generic profile something like this: He soaks the Taxpayer about $200 per hour for the sessions, at a considerable premium over market. Over in Chautauqua County, he gets about $40 for the same thing, and they keep him on a leash that caps him at around $20K per year. In Erie County, he’s free to run wild and the sky’s the limit. It’s not unheard of for Dr. Quack to submit the same invoice more than once. Nobody is really looking, why not?
OCY serves as a very useful tool when a judge wants to rig a custody case, since the judge can launch a phony abuse investigation targeting one parent that has a pre-arranged outcome, giving the judge an excuse to take away Custody. In a case like that, where it serves OCY’s agenda to slap an abuse label on a parent, and there’s a hearing, the psychologist shows up unprepared at 9AM for 1PM testimony, so he can sit on his rump until his time comes, charging the taxpayer full “psychologist’s rate” for hanging around for 3hrs. and smiling; he then invoices another hour for lunch; plus, one more extra billed-hour for “prep time,” since he had to shave and get dressed before he came. No wonder he’s smiling, with a graft deal like that.
He has this deal, because he’s willing to abuse his medical license: a) to testify to the effect that a parent whom he’s never met is a danger to a child, and the child has been abused by that parent, although he never established any outward symptoms or diagnosis of any abuse during his office visits or in his records; or b) to parrot any other “finding” desired by the graft-masters at OCY that keep him living like a King. Professional ethics? What are those? Testimony will take about 45 minutes. Of course, there are two or three lawyers involved at every one of these proceedings, and at least one is also getting paid by the Taxpayer. It takes six months to a year to navigate through one of these cases, during which the parent and kid are typically kept separated. At the end of that, the parent gets chastised for “neglecting” the kid for six months, especially in cases where OCY refused to host the supervised visits that it demanded.

As a reward to OCY for demonstrating that a toxic culture and administrative incompetence can survive many years and scandals, several directors, and a number of administrations; our fiscally prudent County Executive, Kathy Dahlkemper, wants to give an enormous increase in funding to OCY, no questions asked. Actually, we’re not sure if OCY even asked for it, but she can just raise property taxes a little more. No questions about how OCY spends the money it already gets, just a basic presumption of a need for much more of it because of a change in the law. No questions about how it will get used, we assume it will be for good things. Now we can have twice as many baby thefts?

              Meanwhile, back at Domestic Relations; trying, by hook or by crook, to actually pay a phony Support Order and keep down the “arrears,” is no guarantee your kid won’t be terrorized with threats of having one parent thrown in jail, and then publicly emotionally abused and humiliated by Domestic Relations, when Domestic Relations posts a picture of the child’s parent on FaceBook rubberstamped with a “deadbeat” label. Imagine how great that would make any kid feel to see that, or to have it seen by the kid’s friends and their parents? They’ve done that to people who are fully paid up, an act made all the more shameful, in light of the fraudulent way Domestic Relations functions.
The kids are more impoverished than ever, and Judge Kelly is working furiously to make sure they stay that way. That’s the reality of the current Child Support system, and it’s a lot uglier than the sugar-coated crap that Domestic Relations dishes; when it leaves all those Court, Lawyer, Sheriff, and jail costs, etc., etc., etc., out of its annual budget; so it can sell the Public its official line that it’s (cough) making money on behalf of kids and helping to (a-hem) strengthen families. Honestly, when one knows the truth about what goes on inside the place, it’s difficult not to laugh out loud when they spew that hypocritical nonsense, except what they’re doing to people isn’t at all funny. Wholesale Civil Rights violations are no laughing matter. Neither are higher taxes used for enabling them.

Never have there been two organizations more dedicated to the destruction of families and impoverishment of children, than Erie County Domestic Relations and Erie County OCY. Exploiting, exacerbating, and when possible creating, dysfunctional family relationships, is good for business in just about every possible way.
It’s not like having a fake Support Order strung around your neck and being chased-down and tossed in the clink, for no good reason, should be a source of resentment and hostility in anyone; white or black; or be a source of violence in our community; right? No one who is facing jail, who literally has fewer rights than a criminal, and who can’t pay his phony Support Order, would ever be made so desperate as to rip someone else off to get Judge Kelly’s cash; or commit other petty crimes, or even do something much more serious; to try to make this oppressive official harassment stop?  There aren’t any borderline people in town who could be pushed over the edge by this quasi-legalized extortion? Gosh, no, even if at least 30% of the inmates at ECP do suffer from untreated mental illness; but isn’t this abuse rip-snortin’ fun for the whole Department at Domestic Relations? Really, they have a regular blast.

                  Should anyone wonder, abusing a public office and public resources to selectively bully and harass targeted people, is against PA law; but authorities don’t generally care. A law is only as good as its enforcement, and Public Corruption laws get completely ignored in Erie County; it must be assumed, due to active participation in the corruption by the people who are supposed to guard us against it. We can’t think of any other reason. The problem is, the corruption has been in place so long, that the entire courthouse culture simply sees it as normal, rather than deviant, and considers this modus operandi to be their right, as members of a privileged elite. It’s not. It isn’t normal for public employees to be lying to the public every day as a matter of routine, and breaking every law in the Pa. RCP; and it certainly isn’t anyone’s right, not even Judge Kelly’s, although she does it with impunity, anyway.
                  Don’t go thinking the abuse stops if you get physically incapacitated or incarcerated. Are ya nuts? They pile Support arrears on non-stop while you’re in jail, and throw you right back in for arrears, the minute you get out, in a revolving door that helps keep the occupancy stable. If you get disabled, emotionally or physically, and can’t pay, they toss you in the slammer, lie about your illness, and deny you any medical treatment until somebody kicks up on your behalf. The idea is to keep people slapped down and subjugated, and make sure they can never get on their feet. That’s how Judge Kelly gets her kicks, playing with people’s lives, like a cat playing with its food. Got a mental illness that requires medication, when she puts you in jail? Tough toenails, you’re cut-off, in hopes you’ll get in more trouble at the prison and have to extend your stay. The fact that the US Supreme Court says that willfully ignoring an inmate’s medical needs is an act of torture that violates the 8th Amendment (and International torture conventions), is of little concern to Judge Kelly. If the judge wants to play doctor and deliberately deprive an inmate of medication, the Prison medical record can get creatively, “edited,” so it states that the prisoner is a drug addict at risk of withdrawal; instead of a doctor-prescribed patient in need of uninterrupted medication. Well, falsify a Court Order, falsify a medical record, what’s the dif?
D4C has never investigated, but we’ve wondered for years about what culpability Domestic Relations might have had in one high-profile case that resulted in a child’s death. It chills us to the bone to think of it, and honestly, we’re afraid of what we might find, so we’ve never looked. It’s a little difficult not to have these suspicions with alter-ego OCY’s role in another infamous case involving the death of 14yo Brittany Legler, whom deserves better than to be forgotten and swept under the town rug like an inconvenience. Her life mattered, whether a dishonest system says OCY can be sued in connection with her death, or not.
Brittany Legler
Brittany Legler

The fact that bogus Support Orders might be a source of crime in Erie, is something not lost upon Judge Kelly; she’s financially shrewd, and very smart. More crime is more business and more legal fees, and is just as good a “family” income driver; as purposely keeping parents warring in Court, with ridiculous rulings that the good Judge knows one party or the other is never going to be able to accept. The gaming of the system is accomplished by purposefully twisting facts and logic to make creative rulings in favor of the “bad” parent, so the “good” parent will be made distraught over the welfare of the child(ren), keep fighting in Court out of desperation, and both parties will go on pumping those legal fees into “family” coffers. Many, many previously isolated and voiceless Erieites will recognize themselves as they read through these paragraphs.
[Full disclosure, Judge Kelly’s brother, Bill Kelly, Jr. is quite a successful lawyer in town and aspires to be a judge. Their Father, William J. Kelly, was also a prominent lawyer. This is one of our local ruling legal dynasties.

With luck, the kids get really screwed up in the process, and get pulled into Custody Court, Juvie Court (ka-ching, ka-ching), or stuck at OCY (ka-ching); or the Judge gets a dishonest crony to play Custody4Cash-style “guardian ad litem” (ka-ching), and bleeds the parents with an over-billing, extra lawyer, whether they want to use one for themselves, or not. [Over-billing is supposed to be a cardinal sin for lawyers, a sin worthy of disbarment; but in Erie, it earns one a position of prominence and great favor with the judges, particularly if the over-biller is also willing to make false statements under oath, during a rigged proceeding. That’s the sort of stuff that really puts one on the fast-track to success in this town.]
Ultimately, the aspiration of the Court is to convert the kids into Criminal Court “customers” when they reach 18. It’s a very smooth operation, and of course, there’s the clique of very expensive local crony psychologists specializing in Custody that also gets a seat at the feast.
                   [Small disclaimer: we’re aware of some thoroughly conscientious and decent people who work in Erie psychology, the same is true of Erie lawyers, and even Erie politicians. We don’t paint all members of any group with one brush, nor prejudge someone because of their occupation; we judge people by their character, and by their actions, and we have sympathy for the honest ones who have to work amongst the ones who are not. Since all of the judges tolerate the corruption, none of them gets a pass.]
Judge Kelly gets really riled if people dare come to Court with no attorney, taking up her time without coughing-up the bacon. It infuriates her when people get fed up with taking on huge amounts of high-interest credit card debt, trying to pay exorbitant legal fees; just because the exercise accomplishes nothing but to keep them mired in poverty. Since this Court is in the business of enriching Erie lawyers on the backs of the poor, and putting away black people whenever possible; the more crime the Court can create, and the more parental alienation, the more money and power for the people in charge, it’s academic. The financial incentives to do these things are obvious, as is the fact that those incentives get taken full advantage of by the players; to the detriment of kids, families, and litigants. All it takes to see it, is to review the cases. Increased crime disproportionately affects lower-class and poor people anyway, and really doesn’t concern the folks in the “in-crowd,” whose idea of being “part of the community,” is living out in bedroom towns like Fairview. So who cares if there’s more crime back in Erie? The Police handle that, and it makes lots of cash.
What? You thought this was a Hall of Justice? Oh, Margaret! The fact that fewer crimes would result if Judge Kelly and Domestic Relations were tossed into Lake Erie is not a consideration, sorry. The goals here are, “Get the black man, or at least some man, and make him pay. Treat him like a criminal rapist who deserves to be driven from his child’s life.” That was the precise intent from the beginning behind the laws that let an army of Judge Kellys loose on the unsuspecting taxpayer; and she plays them like a Vegas card-counter, enjoying regularly trashing the US Constitution and Human Rights in the process. Yes, there are cases of women being treated exactly the same beastly way, the rulings are all predicated on which party has the tighter hook-up at the Courthouse.

                 We mentioned that 30% of the Sheriff’s time is spent chasing black “deadbeats.” Well, another 30% of the Sheriff’s time is spent arresting white “deadbeats,” all of whom, it must be assumed, were also created by fictitious Court Orders (There may be some cases which are legitimate, but when more than one gets tarred with deliberate falsehoods and obvious rigging, all the rulings have to be considered suspect). It should be plain that something is wrong with the way Support Orders are being issued, when the County has so many “deadbeats” that they account for 60% of Sheriff’s arrests; and that’s because there is: Support Orders are being deliberately set too high as a matter of “policy,” by Domestic Relations Conference Officers who are assured of a judicial rubber stamp on their decisions.

Being white is no guarantee you won’t get equally abusive treatment to blacks. If your family is thought to have any assets, but isn’t in the “In Crowd,” or at least connected, you’re likely to have problems. Whether you have any assets is not material. Again, race only enters the equation, because the statistics say it does; but once one judge starts lying all over the Docket, gets a few others to join in, and the rest condone this by sitting in silence; all the rulings have to be questioned, every one, the entire Court loses its legitimacy, and the judicial profession falls into disrepute. The inescapable, cascading progression is exactly like a row of falling dominoes. Plenty of people in town disapprove of and have poor opinions of judges, whether the local newspaper reports on those people or not. The PA Judicial Code of Conduct strictly forbids judges to behave the way our Erie County judges do, as does the Judicial Oath of Office, but who cares about that? Not one judge in PA’s Court system, as far as we can tell, from the epic amount of judicial scandals at every level from Magistrate through Supreme Court.

The Judicial Conduct Board sure doesn’t care, we’ve seen that. The Board consists of a bunch of white judges, who all pull the same bullshit from the bench as the one in front of them they’re supposed to be disciplining; hence, the “Diversion Program,” served up with a whole lot of snickering by these “untouchables.” It must be great to be above the law, have no oversight, and be immune to being fired. Is it any wonder that scoundrels and miscreants would be attracted to a profession with perks such as that? By incredible coincidence, there isn’t a black judge in the entire Commonwealth, but that’s not because blacks are deliberately kept in virtual lock-out of the legal profession statewide; at least, so we’ve been told when we’ve raised the issue. Mm-hmm. For anyone who wishes to argue this point, please point out any minority members in the photo below.PA COURTS 2015

No problems in the Court in Erie County, though. It works just great for the legal families. After thinking about it, D4C couldn’t imagine a more effective way to corrupt a court than by having half the judges and lawyers being blood-related and/or old, old cronies, stretching control and relationships between multiple generations with the same last names. What a titanic recipe for ethical disaster this is, and the result speaks for itself. Blood relatives should be prohibited from occupying more than one judge’s chair; or from holding judge, prosecutor, and/or public defender roles in the same town; judges should not be allowed to give court appointments to relatives; and close family of judges shouldn’t be permitted to practice trial law in the same court where the judge sits. All of this should be obvious. These types of conflicts are what inexorably leads to backroom sweetheart deals, special favors, ex parte discussions about litigants over lunch, dinners, and holiday parties, epidemic rule breaking, etc.; in short, the Court becomes a breeding ground for all the precise problems we have in Erie County. Where are the legislators, out trying to pass a Voter ID law to disenfranchise minorities with? FIX THIS!

It’s difficult for us to assess any fair and balanced rulings from Judge Kelly, there have been one or two anecdotal reports of objective findings, but everything we’ve looked at personally is as rotten as a December jack o’ lantern. On the surface, it appears that Judge Kelly is an equal opportunity shyster, until one reflects upon the fact that 50% of the Support busts in Erie County are of black men, in a County where the entire black population is 7%. Many white people will say, “that’s just coincidence,” or, they’ll brush it off in silence, as they’ve been educated to think that more blacks are bad parents; are shiftless, irresponsible “deadbeats;” “breed like rabbits;” and don’t have any natural human instinct to love and care for their children. Besides, most of these people would rather believe that higher percentages of blacks lack parenting skills; than accept the fact that statistics show their Courthouse is undeniably both corrupt and racist. Unfortunately, that’s what the reality is; paid for by the taxes of those who don’t want to believe in it.
Who taught these people to think like this? All we can say is, “Where were the parents?” How did their kids learn to pre-judge and hate that way?

               Looking outside the law profession, we’re told that blacks are under-represented in the Erie Fire And Police Departments, because, “blacks just don’t apply for those jobs.” “Blacks have every equal opportunity down there.” Sure, no black kid ever dreamt of being a Fireman or a Cop when he grew up, only white kids have ever done that, huh? Black kids aspire to be criminals! Sure they do. If there’s a grain of truth in this, “blacks just don’t apply,” bollocks, as anecdotal reports from the black community suggest; very good reasons for this “lack of initiative” are also given with any such affirmation, that no one in the white community wants to accept. Instead, the general attitude is that whites bear zero responsibility for perpetuating this ethnic imbalance, it’s all blacks’ fault for simply not showing up. How can anyone think such beliefs are reasonable?
Did something happen to taking, “Personal Responsibility,” for the problems of your own town, Erie, PA? It sure looks that way, since the Mayor says HE won’t do it, “I view the city’s primary responsibility as law enforcement, jobs programs are secondary and social service is not our responsibility.” But when one gazes from City Hall over to the Courthouse, and considers that the people who live off the Courthouse get vastly richer in direct proportion with increased crime and violence, and ponders that the Mayor is an established member of the Courthouse “in-crowd,” who worked the Family Law racket at one of the most well-connected and influential firms in town; it suddenly makes sense as to why we’ve got a wave of increasing violence, halfway through a third term of policies which appear to be aimed at producing exactly that. The Mayor doesn’t think it has anything to do with him, though.
Joe Sinnott
Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott. OK, OK, we’re paraphrasing…a little.

                There was once a local pol who started out as a Public School teacher. He was in the habit of reading the Obits, like a lot of people, and if he saw a deceased individual who had the same last name as one of his students, he’d make sure to get himself to the funeral home to show some support and sympathy. We don’t think for a minute that it was ever about getting votes with this guy, not with the way he’s always conducted himself, he’s a true gentleman, and he’d show up at a funeral regardless of whether it was held at Burton’s, or at John Taylor’s. We sure wish Joe Sinnott was like that, but he just ain’t.

“‘Giving a damn’ about my community isn’t measured exclusively by my attendance with some of the Radical Chic at a public march,” says the Mayor, defensively.

              Maybe not exclusively, say we, but it sure says a lot about racism in Erie politics, when the Mayor condescendingly characterizes people protesting violence which primarily affects the lower classes, as, “the Radical Chic,” while he passes on making an appearance; but makes sure to put his badass on and work his mojo leading the pack for Roar-On-The-Shore! It’s all about priorities. These are the things that illustrate precisely what Mr. Sinnott “gives a damn” about; and the 100%-Law-Enforcement/0%-Social-Services approach, is producing great earnings results at the Courthouse.

              The Mayor loves to crow about being elected three times, but neglects to mention that he ran with no opposition last time, and very underwhelming opposition in 2009. Something is very strange when the top job in local government seems to draw such little interest. Regardless of the Mayor’s debatably vast popularity, we think if someone does want the job of running local government, that person should be willing to do whatever it takes to confront a crisis in the city; instead of insisting that failed policies are his only idea and responsibility, and everything else is not his job. When you’re the Mayor, everything is your job and responsibility. It goes with the territory, and if the Mayor won’t accept that, he should stop passing the buck and resign; not tell us how great he is for getting ‘re-elected’ without opposition. Had we had a 3-term mayor who took the inherent obligations of his job more seriously; and had actually rolled up his sleeves and worked towards prevention of these things, rather than merely reacting to them; there’s possibly at least one teenager in town who wouldn’t now be dead.

            But back to the PD & the FD, if blacks don’t want jobs there, it could just be because they figure they’ll face a hostile and abusive work environment from day one, from virtually everyone around them, because of the entrenched and institutionalized racism that supposedly doesn’t exist in these places. Workplace harassment really isn’t all that much fun, that’s why it’s against another one of those laws Erie County won’t enforce. “Not so fast, not so fast,” you’ve said, “Where’s the proof? There could be a number of other factors behind it besides Departmental racism, Erie’s a nice town, it’s not really racist, there’s one black working down there.”
Proof? We’ll get to that in the next chapter. There’s a bit more to say about the judges.
Incidentally, at the Courthouse, minorities are also proportionately underrepresented, but that couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that all the judges and 99 44/100ths% of the lawyers are white, could it?
           The local Bar-Association-backed judicial candidates have to have the proper local creds and/or pedigree, if you’re not connected to the right people, you’re not getting into the restaurant, and you won’t get Bar Association support in a run for judge. If you don’t get Bar Association backing, you don’t get a judge’s seat; unless you’re an unpopular incumbent with an extra $100,000 or so of your own money to blow, buying your gavel. Judge Stephanie Domitrovich; got herself retained by the skin of her pearly whites exactly like that; running against her own record, with no opponent budget to worry about.
As far as the Domitrovich Ethics Case, “Whose palm got greased at the Judicial Conduct Board?” is one of the questions the Times really should be asking, but unfortunately won’t, so we’ll do it, because something sure as Hell is wrong there. How are the people of Erie expected to continually swallow these obvious cases of two-tier justice, without complaint; and how does local media, especially the Times, stay silent, paper them over, and try to talk us into thinking this is OK? It is not OK, not by a long shot. The media should be screaming about it, and would be, if it were serving the public.

                Everyone in town who knew anything about Domitrovich, or ever had the misfortune of dealing with her in court, knew she was guilty of every charge, and was hoping to finally see her have her ass handed to her on a platter by the JCB when she went up on ethics charges. Even Judge DiSantis apparently, since he referred her, and no one in town would have shed a tear to see her get tossed. The Constitution matters, at least it should, but it doesn’t in Erie County, which has been rendered a safe-area for Constitutional violations by its own, off-the-record decree and mutual agreement by “family” members and judges. Could it possibly create problems, when any joker with a law degree, who can afford the purchase of a few thousand votes in a popularity contest, is deemed qualified to be a judge in PA, no experience or special training necessary? Would it be a good idea to let an intern fresh out of med school, perform brain and heart surgery, with no special training or extra experience, because he ponied-up a pile of cash and got ‘elected’ surgeon? Be our guest in offering your brain, but first, take a look at our bench and tell us what you think.

The Joker
“Are we ready to operate?”

            Judge Domitrovich’s favorite past-time (when she isn’t busy being ill-tempered and nasty to everyone in her immediate proximity), is hustling 10 or 20 black men at a crack through her courtroom; none of whom has any legal representation, and branding them with Protection From Abuse Orders. (Yes, of course, she uses the same formula to brand plenty of white guys.) How many readers who never did a thing have been in one of those groups? Whether any of these guys has actually committed any wrong, is completely irrelevant; they’re black, or at least they’re men, so they definitely did something. All black men and most men in general beat their wives and girlfriends anyway; why, that’s a known fact, at least in this courtroom. Uh-hmm.

            So, these presumed-guilty Defendants get to square-off against Domitrovich’s favored crony from Kornblough & Fine law firm, down the street. Domitrovich works with him every day, performing reruns of the same show, and he’s got at least 25 or 30 years experience in Court delivering his script. He tells them Defendants without challenge, that he’s going to get every one of ’em, in one of a couple of different ways; while Domitrovich yawns on the bench. Either they can submit to getting branded without contesting it; or there’ll be an immediate, rigged trial, where they’ll be found guilty, and they’ll get branded then. Mr. Crony invariably casts a furtive glance about the room, to see if anyone notices anything suspicious when he gets to the ‘immediate hearing’ part. None of these guys even really knows who he is or who’s paying him, because to them, he seems just like a prosecutor who’s in cahoots with the judge, rather than a private lawyer with a serious profit motive, who’s in cahoots with the judge. No word is ever mentioned about any of them getting a lawyer; or being given time to put a defense together for an evidentiary hearing, or to get witnesses and such; and these walking targets have no one to advise them of their rights, since Domitrovich isn’t about to do it. So they all get branded, it was a foregone conclusion.

             Naturally, Mr. Crony is milking the Taxpayer an a la carte legal fee for every guy there, who represents a separate “client” on his end. He works as the lawyer for a private “non-profit” that gets to advertise in and leech clientele directly from, our Public Courthouse, and has no competition. Now that’s one sweetheart of a deal! This “non-profit,” throws cash in bushel baskets at this lawyer who founded it and set it up; harvested from nice, fat Taxpayer grants; profiting him enormously. He has a crony running the “non-profit” who takes home somewhere north of $50G’s annually to make sure that money keeps getting funneled in his direction, even though he’s not officially part of the organization on paper, at least not any more. The job he’s created for himself, is to take any case that walks in through the non-profit’s doors to Court, in front of his pal Domitrovich; with zero evidence of any wrongdoing, but a near 100% success rate at getting what he wants. We recognize that Domestic Violence is a serious problem in this country, as well as the importance of having organizations that will advocate for the victims. It’s this particular organization we have problems with, even if it has legitimately helped in some cases, because the financial incentives are there that impact innocent people and harm kids; and it’s obvious the startup motive was purely to generate serious wealth, and was never about helping anyone; which is why it runs the way it does. Plus, there is nowhere for male violence victims to get help in this town, and nowhere for guys like those mentioned above to get a free, taxpayer-funded lawyer like Mr. Crony; to defend them against the free, taxpayer-funded lawyer, and/or advise them of their rights. Of course, Attorney Crony gets to cherrypick his favorite hangin’ judge for his PFA parties; everyone shops for judges in Erie County, whether it’s legal, ethical, moral, or whatever; it’s just accepted practice. We say it’s wrong, and all of them know it.

               The Court Administrator is MIA, as usual. Mostly only lawyers go to his office, and nobody from the Public really knows what he’s supposed to be doing down there anyway, or understands the difference between the Court Administrator and the Court Clerk, or the Prothonotary. They’re all sort of in the same Court Soup, aren’t they? The Administrator is busy cashing his check and preparing for a fishing trip, but he can deliver some scripted lines of courtbabble to befuddle the public, should any taxpaying pest come snooping around. If he has to, when all else fails, he just stonewalls.

Here’s the set-up. It’s a doozy, and you’re paying for it. The Court Administrator is a State employee, who gets paid $107,735 per-year to run the Court’s business and schedule hearings impartially and blindly in front of the various judges. In Erie, PA, that amounts to a King’s ransom. A big part of his job, should be to keep the judges honest and ensure the integrity of the court, by not letting the judges anywhere near their own calendars. He’s also supposed to prevent lawyers from shopping for a favorite judge who will rig a proceeding for them; and, although nobody at the Courthouse likes for this to be publicly known (which is why it’s buried pretty deep in this Times story), he’s the official chain-of-command overseer of Erie County Domestic Relations and its director.
Nobody has ever really explained how the Court went about organizing itself into these “Divisions.” All of the judges were elected by the voters to be judges of the Common Pleas, not judges who handle only the kinds of cases they like, or only the ones they’re deemed fit for by the other judges, or ones to which they want to give a little illegal special attention. If a judge isn’t competent to handle any type of case, that judge doesn’t belong on the bench. The Times article above does not touch upon why Judge Kelly was, and is, hand selecting her pick of Domestic Relations cases at intake and directly overseeing the Department; if Judge Trucilla was, and Judge Sambroak is, Administrative Head of the Family & Orphans Court Division; Mark Causgrove is supposed to be running Domestic Relations; and Peter Freed is supposed to the one scheduling cases.

                  Judges are supposed to take random cases as they get handed to them by the Administrator; not demand special ones so they can do personal favors for cronies from the bench, or harass people they have it in for. But how does one get to be Court Administrator, and receive that nice, fat salary, anyway? That’s the interesting part, the Administrator has to get recommended by the judges, and the Supreme Court appoints him based upon that recommendation. Yes, that’s right, the foxes actually get to pick the guard for the henhouse. They even have the power to get him replaced if he actually does his job, and how many people would risk a salary like that, when the best way to keep it, is by simply keeping one’s mouth shut and letting the foxes judges have their way?
Now, if you were a judge, would you want a strong Administrator with integrity, who won’t take any shit from you and is going to keep you in line; or would you want a milquetoast who takes the money, looks the other way, and lets you get away with murder? It depends on what kind of judge you are. Take a look at the way this Court is administered, and you’ll see what kind of judges we’ve got. The proof is in the poultry that the judges eat for lunch.

The Administrator doesn’t work for the judges, he’s technically under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and he ought to be working for you, ensuring the integrity of your court, not doing whatever the judges tell him to keep them happy. The judges are his fellow State employees.
He shouldn’t be “delegating” the functions of his job to County employees that you pay to do other things; nor turning those functions over to a judge, and giving her complete freedom to schedule her own cases, with total discretion on flagging whatever litigants she likes for special justice. If the judges are going to secretly administer the court with County employees and pick their own cases for pre-judged, express handling; then let’s just get that right out in the open, and dispense with wasting $107,735 per year in tax money on an Administrator who gives us the familiar pre-recorded and uniform line, “I think it is run well. I don’t think anything needs to be changed.” As we recall, our judicial candidates all made the same claim last year, and we completely disagree with the lot of them. The place is a cesspool.

                    Erin Connelly sees “no problems” with a judicial bench which is composed exclusively of privileged white people, with her family completely dominating the legal scene; operating a 3-ring legal circus of prosecutor, judge, and private practice. Why would such a scenario pose a problem for Erin, when she can call on her Father to pull a few strings if she gets into an uncomfortable situation; and she’ll probably get the judicial robe she likely believes she entitled to by birth, within the next few election cycles? “Good ol’ boy” cronyism generally isn’t seen as problematic by the people enjoying its benefits. Times News owner-until-recently Jamie Mead doesn’t see a problem there, either, or any problem with a newspaper endorsing a judicial candidate that owns it, two days before the election. Joe Walsh also sees nothing wrong, but they can all be objective judges. Sure. The white bench is perfectly capable of judging black people, because they’ve got such a deep, experiential grip on the realities of growing up black in a racist hellhole. Those judges who have never lived outside of white suburbia or worried about where their next meal would come from, can really empathize with life realities near 12th & Franklin Avenue, and factor that understanding into their decisions.
Plus, it isn’t like young, black men in Erie, who constitute a great percentage of defendants, have had to take any crap from the time they were innocent children that might make them harbor animosity towards whites, right? Whites haven’t done anything, it’s all the blacks fault again. Yup, just like everything is always Obama’s fault in this country, at least to certain people, and by amazing coincidence, Obama’s black, too!
               The core problem at the root of all this trouble between communities, seems to be that black people in Erie have stubbornly and steadfastly refused, for years, after being given every opportunity; to turn themselves into dark-colored white people. How could it not be their fault? When a class full of white schoolkids evil-eyes a lone black child who invades their class, that type of extreme emotional abuse is expected to just bounce off, because blacks don’t have feelings. Where is anyone to swat those little white kids on the ass and tell them to cut that shit out, and ask them how would they like it like that? Plus, that situation happens in reverse in Erie all the time. Every white Erieite has experienced many times being the lone white in a large crowd of blacks, and felt totally comfortable with that; just like they assume that one black person, alone in a crowd of whites who mostly won’t engage him, is just fine with that.
We always try to discuss things calmly and rationally, and have mostly been successful in maintaining civility. Like Anne Frank, we honestly believe most people are fundamentally good, regardless of color.

Anne Frank
“In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart.” – Anne Frank

As an aside, Anne Frank’s step-sister, 86yo Eva Schloss, who survived the Holocaust and the concentration camp; compared a popular race-baiting 2016 Presidential candidate, with Adolf Hitler; and this electoral phenomenon directly reflects the popularity of racism that endures in the US at present. Who wants to try and argue that a candidate ain’t racist, who: has people manhandled, punched in the face, and thrown out of his rallies for attending while black or Muslim; wants to institute governmental policies of religious-based discrimination; needs a couple of days to think about it before repudiating the KKK, which endorses him; and claims to know nothing about White Supremacy, although his parents became “alarmed” when an Italian family moved into the neighborhood when he was growing up? Denying that much open-air, overt bigotry should be tough, even when there’s something here that people just don’t want to see.
In terms of racism in our Court, people demand something more concrete than statistics, and/or suspicious appearances. Those things are considered ‘circumstantial evidence,’ even though Judges aren’t supposed to be doing anything that so much as remotely looks even a tiny bit bad, according to the Judicial Code Of Conduct.
Certainly, D4C sees Judges Kelly and Connelly as clear examples of what we’re talking about (See our article, “BIGOT JUDGE EMPLOYS ‘CHILD SUPPORT’ AS TOOL TO SYSTEMATICALLY VIOLATE BLACKS’ CIVIL RIGHTS“), but most of the evidence against the judges is found in rulings, many of which are not easily accessible or public. Anyone who is dedicated to denial will find excuses to refute such things, even when it can be shown that a judge is lying in Court Orders, a pretty easy thing to do in Erie County. Give us a random sampling of 10 Orders from every judge, and let’s see how many we can find. If we can’t find any, we’ll retract this and apologize to any parties we may have wrongly impugned. We won’t need to apologize to every Erie judge, though at least a few should be apologizing to the Public, and profusely.
As far as this specious idea that blacks just don’t want to be cops or firefighters, we knew from the beginning that this was a completely bullshit argument, but regardless, initially we said, to paraphrase, “OK. We’ll give the Police a pass for now, we don’t have specific public proof that Erie cops are systematically racist like they are in Ferguson, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.”


Part 3: “The Red Meat”

                 As far as that free pass goes, what a difference a day made. We don’t claim that all cops in Erie are prejudiced against blacks, we’re sure that isn’t really the case, but with what we’ve seen while researching this piece, there is no way systemic racism is not a problem in Erie County Law Enforcement, as well as in law enforcement nationwide. The real trouble is, that whites in Erie keep insisting there is no racism in local government. Police, in Erie and in general, insist there is nothing problematic with them whatsoever, and say the nation’s failed crime policies are not working, because we still haven’t locked up nearly enough people. Conversely, even Bill Clinton, who instituted the policies which paved the way for prison privatization and mass incarceration; regrets ever putting those policies in place, and admits they don’t work. Still, police are saying, at least some of them are, to take the idea that doesn’t work, and do exponentially more of it, to MAKE it work.
Sorry, but THAT doesn’t work.
Further, it has been reported, and is so much more than plausible, that Richard Nixon purposely began criminalizing drugs as a purely racist strategy to disrupt his political enemies, blacks and the Anti-war Left:
The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the anti-war left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.” – John Erlichman.
                 Perhaps this is why blacks generally disagree with the police position, and consider crime policies to be racist in enforcement and intent; frankly, so do a lot of whites, either because they can see it, or because whites also fall victim to the off-the-record attitudes and excesses that racism instills into the system. As soon as official abuse of one group is tolerated and gets established, it’s inevitable that the abuse will expand to other groups as well. It’s the same as in the Court. So, how can we identify bigots in local government, without qualification, to prove our point, unless they’re willing to come out and publicly identify themselves as such? Who’s ever going to do that? Nobody ever wants to cop to being something so nasty as a “racist,” eewww; and what government official in his right mind would do such a thing in a post-Civil Rights era? So, we figured finding an irrefutable source or someone, to display the racism, might be damned nigh impossible.

               As it turns out, it wasn’t hard at all. All we had to do to find our man, was click over and peruse Chief Larry Dombrowsi’s Twitter Feed.
Larry Warhol 6
Here’s what he was obsessing about last Christmas Eve:Blacks Lives Don't Matter
Obviously, he’d been down with that idea for awhile.
Black Lives Do Not Matter

Christmas Day, he was back to one of his pet causes, trying to make sure there’s a handgun in every American home. Apparently, it ain’t the job of the Police to protect anybody,

Christmas With Larry & His Handgun

and after a peaceful Christmas night spent dreaming of pistols under every tree, he wants to see that every car on the Interstate can be carrying concealed guns when traveling state to state,

Must Have Handgun When Crossing State Lines

and to make sure that guns don’t have to suffer from unjust discrimination, anywhere.Bigot Pride!3

Gun Free Zone1

The common sense part eludes us, but if none of these guns will ever get used to kill cops, then what’s killing our Police?  Aren’t a lot of these deaths from gunshots?Larry Salutes The Fallen

              We challenge anyone in town to read through a few weeks’ worth of Larry Dombrowski’s contradictory Twitter comments; not lose lunch; and then try to tell us that the man who was our Chief County Detective for 25 years, isn’t as flaming a bigot as has ever sprung from Erie County, and apparently, very proud of that.

a) “The Negro Conundrum”

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              Here, Larry offers Herman Williams III’s impression of Honest Abe, linking to “The Negro Conundrum,” Williams’ essay on “The Abolition Of Black Culture.” Mr. Williams is a black man who agrees that black Americans are completely to blame for all of their own difficulties, and whites have nothing to do with any of that, well, other than slavery; but he seems to feel that slavery was sort of another form of “black on black, crime,” since the whites acquired African slaves through cooperation with other African tribes. As far as we can tell, Williams thinks the fact that whites got enormously rich from slave labor, also caused a lot of beneficial things to happen that otherwise wouldn’t have; and black people made a colossal mistake by not repatriating to Africa after Emancipation. He doesn’t say what people of mixed race were supposed to do, or how freed slaves were to accomplish returning to an ancestral homeland from which they were completely cut-off and alienated from for generations; when most knew nothing about the specifics of their origins. To expect blacks in 1865 to just, “go back to Africa,” seems to us, a lot less reasonable than it would be to expect Donald Trump to just, “go back to Scandinavia,” in 2016, but we still wish he would. Curiously, Mr. Williams makes no mention of Liberia, or the thousands of freed slaves and free American-born blacks who did repatriate, and became known as Americo-Liberians. According to Wikipedia, something very interesting happened as a result:
“The Americo-Liberian settlers did not identify with the indigenous peoples they encountered, especially those in communities of the more isolated “bush.” They knew nothing of their cultures, languages or animist religion. Encounters with tribal Africans in the bush often developed as violent confrontations. The colonial settlements were raided by the Kru and Grebo people from their inland chiefdoms. Because of feeling set apart and superior by their culture and education to the indigenous peoples, the Americo-Liberians developed as a small elite that held on to political power. It excluded the indigenous tribesmen from birthright citizenship in their own lands until 1904, in a repetition of the United States’ treatment of Native Americans.[17] Because of the cultural gap between the groups and assumption of superiority of western culture, the Americo-Liberians envisioned creating a western-style state to which the tribesmen should assimilate. They encouraged religious organizations to set up missions and schools to educate the indigenous peoples.”

              Mr. Williams says American blacks other big mistake, was to identify themselves as a separate “black” group, rather than simply embracing their identities as “Americans,” and assimilating to white culture. This supposedly paved the way for the development of the “inferior” black culture he wishes to eradicate, with the “new Abolitionist Movement” he wants to start. He does not address how this assimilation was to be accomplished by people who had been long before identified as separate and inferior, by the society he expected them to assimilate to; and who were subject to constant discrimination because of the color they had been born; or how this self-identification as “Americans” by American blacks was supposed to make entrenched white racism magically disappear.
He goes on to say that black society is the most racist on Earth, and that American blacks are bigger cultural-appropriators than anyone, for appropriating the language of English for their culture, so they have no room to complain if others do it to them. As if Iggy Azalea doing rap, or Kylie Jenner in cornrows, is in any way equivalent to blacks in America speaking a language they were born and raised with for generations, without any choice in the matter; after their ancestors had their native languages and cultures savagely ripped away from them by force of sexual assaults, whippings, beatings, maimings, etc.
For more on cultural appropriation, see: white music that “feels black,” e.g. Miley Cyrus.
Williams seems to think if blacks wanted to be a separate group, then they should have thought to invent their own, non-English-related language after Emancipation, and somehow transmitted that information to every black person in America, and gotten them all to agree to the new language and the use of it. He eschews Ebonics though, that doesn’t qualify.
Incidentally, the official language of Liberia is English, so apparently the American blacks who went there were big cultural-appropriators, too; but Williams does not chastise them, call for their cultural extinction, or even mention them at all. It looks like the American blacks who actually did what Williams said blacks should have done after Emancipation, don’t really exist in his thinking. He doesn’t say Americo-Liberians should have assimilated into the “regular” Liberian culture, nor does he complain or label them culturally unfit to exist because they didn’t invent a new, non-English-based language.
Racism always employs a double standard, because that’s what racism is.
             We found the reading of William’s blog to be a literally hair raising and brain-twisting affair. Feel free to try it for yourself, but if you’re not partial to nightmarish labyrinths of illogic, don’t blame us if you have to run screaming from the room tearing your hair.
The Negro Conundrum
In essence though, Mr. Williams is calling for the complete abolition of American black culture, which he believes is inferior to the culture of people who are, “just Americans.”
We think he’s been watching too many re-runs of Archie Bunker from the 1970’s.
Back in my day, they wasn’t called Chicanos or Anglo-Americans or Afro-Americans, we was all Americans, after that, if a guy was a jig or a spic, it was his own business.”
– Archie Bunker
Regardless, this is a racist position, irrespective of the race of the one who holds it. He’s nice enough to remind us that, though many blacks view Lincoln as a savior because he freed the slaves, he was still a White Supremacist who believed blacks were inferior. Apparently, blacks should believe that, if Lincoln said so. Williams then goes on to say that everything that ever advanced modern civilization and made it great, came from Anglo-Saxons.
               To us, this all looks like a present day equivalent to Hitler’s concept, “Final Solution To The Jewish Question.” Since cultural genocide is the objective, blacks are offered a choice: abandon your culture, adopt “American” ways and assimilate, or go to prison. Do it without assistance, and you’d really better do it without any resources if you actually find yourself in prison, or you’ll go straight back when you get out. According to Williams, blacks are totally at fault for our over-populated prisons, too, because of the inferior criminal and drug elements of the culture. He must be unfamiliar with Nixon, but white racism has nothing to do with it at all in his mind; and apparently, culturally superior “regular Americans” don’t do any drugs or produce any criminals.

Since Larry and Herman Williams more or less brought this up, we couldn’t help noticing that this exactly mirrors what the whites of the 19th Century told Native Americans, during and after the time of Honest Abe. “White culture is superior in every way. You are completely worthless. We will take all your children and put them in boarding schools, completely kill your culture, and absorb you into ours. Resist us and you will die.” Certain pieces of the culture are fine though, and can even be considered stylish (See white girls need to wear headdresses, too).


Manifest Destiny and the Reservation System were, of course, the blueprints for Hitler’s, “Final Solution” and its concentration camps; which resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews, and many more millions of white people from all over Europe and the US. White racism really bit itself in the ass on a global scale with that one, which ultimately culminated in the nuclear bombing of civilians in Japan by the United States. That’s what bigotry does, especially when it’s governmental policy, as it was in Nazi Germany.
               Genocide, is the intent to systematically eliminate a racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural, or national group. Somehow, we don’t think that’s what Lincoln had in mind when he wrote The Emancipation Proclamation, probably the most famous Executive Order of all time. Larry doesn’t care, he doesn’t agree with that, and would probably call Lincoln “tyrant,” as did John Wilkes Booth. As far as the other “abolitionist” commenters, BlackLivesMatter, a hate-group/death-cult? BLM has never demanded that whites submit to cultural annihilation, or else; at least as far as we know. We took a look at the BLM website, and couldn’t find any link to any “Demands,” so it appears that this is all just trolling bullshit being used to spread misinformation. Even so, all those blacks being killed by police are just coincidence and don’t indicate any overall systemic problems within our police departments, although the police culture in Ferguson was found to be thoroughly rife with racism. Sure, and if you want to try and keep down that load of hooey, fine. Police racism is evidenced on Twitter by people like Larry Dombrowski and his mentor, Sheriff Clarke; who, along with Herman Williams III, vividly illustrates that it is very possible to employ bigotry towards one’s own kind.
Below, Mr. Williams gives us insights into the deep roots of Anglo-Saxon superiority and Manifest Destiny, which is the nice, 19th Century euphemism that gets taught at Public Schools and doesn’t harbor any of the associated guilt that comes along with a much ickier term like “genocide.” In common with a lot of white people, Williams appears to be completely oblivious to the fact that Native Americans exist, or ever existed; despite his invoking of Manifest Destiny, a sincerely held belief (and official US Government policy) which, along with The Discovery Doctrine, was used by whites as moral justification for violating international Indian Treaties which whites had made in bad faith; and to pursue a program of ethnic cleansing, mass murder, and rape; which is still ongoing. Damn! Those were some really nasty-ass immigrants, weren’t they, Mr. Trump? It’s a shame there was no wall on the entire East Coast.
Race & Manifest Destiny

                 Dispossessing “non-Christian inhabitants” of their lands and giving those lands to white people, was considered a God-given right, and according to what we’ve read of the writings of the founding fathers; the Indians’ collective existence was completely within the prerogative of whites to decide. Indians were not considered eligible to have property title, nor was it necessary to honor any commitments to them, supposedly because they weren’t Christian. We’re not sure where that brand of KKK Christianity comes from, but we’re damn sure it ain’t part of the Gospels; just as we are sure that it’s still widely practiced in the present day US.
Here’s a 19th Century racial anecdote that touches children worldwide: L. Frank Baum, the renowned creator of, “The Wonderful Land Of Oz,” was a rather rabid proponent of complete and utter annihilation of, “the merciless Indian savages,” as Jefferson had affectionately dubbed Native Americans in, “The Declaration Of Independence.” Apparently, Baum believed that Indians posed a grave existential threat to white people, as long as a single Indian lived and breathed. Think about that the next time you you go skipping down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and your kids, in the all-white land of Oz.

                 Comparisons aside, indications are, that the thinking among Larry’s cohorts on the subject of blacks, has not evolved since before the Great Emancipation, or maybe a few centuries earlier.

Larry throws down the gauntlet.The Demands Cannot Be Met
To us, this says, “No negotiation. You try that BLM shit in my town and we’ll arrest your ass. Protest any mistreatment and we’ll put you in jail. You have no rights, and by the way, cops are above criticism.”

Bigot Pride!

Applying his typical double standard, Larry trumpets the pride in, “Poor White Culture & Heritage.” RedNationRising, an extremely far-out right-wing propaganda outlet, says, “Poor whites don’t need no education or healthcare, and don’t want no help from the Gummint, ’cause poor white folks gots LOVE in their houses!” Right, and poor black people don’t.

Poor White People Pride

Poor whites are proud of their culture, and are happy to stay poor! Poor whites don’t have no trouble with drugs in their communities, despite the prevalence of meth labs in places like Albion and Cranesville; and there is no “white on white” crime, right? RedNationRising then goes on to try convincing poor whites, whom it clearly believes are highly unintelligent, that other people’s exercise of the fundamental right to vote is a bad thing for them; and tries to suggest that white people who shovel manure for a living will have to support black people who, “vote for a living.” Translation: “Poor white people are going to be supporting poor black people if we get education and healthcare paid for by uber-rich people and corporations!” We’re not exactly sure how that works, but that’s only because it doesn’t make any sense.

Vote For A Living
This is the biggest crock of racist shit we’ve ever seen, and the SOBs who put this garbage out and perpetuate it, know that just as well as we do.
We never thought about how clearly race could be depicted with silhouettes before, but the pandering effort to stoke white racist fears couldn’t be more obvious. Racism always gets votes from poor whites for people who are economically screwing them, this is the time-tested formula that put George Bush I and many others into public office. George Bush II employed the same formula in 2004, substituting homophobia for racism. We have to take the position that anybody who’d be gullible enough to swallow such nonsense as this, deserves the people he votes for. Unfortunately, the rest of us don’t.

              Larry doesn’t explain what’s pathetic about: a) guaranteeing Americans don’t die from lack of available healthcare simply for want of money (like in every other civilized country on Earth, including Mexico and Canada); or b) providing a free alternative to expensive, for-profit colleges, to make college education accessible to many more people who otherwise couldn’t attend. Nor does he address how those things would be detrimental to poor white people, their pride, or to the country as a whole. So, what the devil is he talking about, and can we see see a list of names of the “hundreds of poor black people” Larry knows, who’ve lifted themselves from poverty, without a dime of government help?  We’d settle for a hundred, or even for his list of hundreds of poor whites, but since poor whites are the largest segment of the population on Food Stamps and Welfare, obviously, they do need help to keep from starving, even more than poor blacks. In any case, they certainly would be free to indulge their pride by refusing education and healthcare; but would that be pride, or self-sabotage at work? Anyway, it strikes us that this is a really odd position for someone to take, who literally spent his career making a living from taxpayer funds. Pride in one’s culture is not dependent on skin tone, even if Larry does think white culture is fine but black culture needs to be stamped-out of existence. That’s called bigotry.

Mark Fuhrman
Mark Fuhrman, our most famous racist policeman.

Larry Dombrowski is as incredible a textbook case of the dyed-in-the-wool, born-and-bred, Erie White Supremacist/racist, as we could ever have hoped to find; and he voluntarily tells the world about it, every day; but, he doesn’t think he’s racist, or that cops are ever racist, or that any cop anywhere has ever done anything wrong. He’s apparently never heard of famed racist cop, Mark Fuhrman;

Frank Serpico
Frank Serpico – one honest cop who wouldn’t be bought.
or legendary whistleblower-cop, Frank Serpico, who busted the entire NYPD for being on-the-take, and says the corruption is just as bad now as it ever was.



b) Problems With The Police? What Problems?

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                   Larry, is so not racist, that he needs to deny he’s a racist; but at the same time, he decries diversity in National Security, because there are no incompetent white people, only incompetent minorities, apparently weakening our security. Is this possibly why there aren’t more blacks on our local police force, because prominent cops in Erie, like Larry Dombrowski, think diversity is a problem? Well, is it?
I'm not a racist
In light of Larry’s Twitterfeed, who still wants to deny that entrenched racism is the reason “blacks just don’t apply for those jobs,” at the PD & FD in Erie? Only whites can handle National Security? Right, look how well security for President Kennedy got handled in the days before the passage of Civil Rights, when whites had exclusive charge of things, ditto with keeping the lid on nuclear technology at the end of WW II.
Larry does think Freddie Gray deserved what he got; Freddie Gray
and that Sandra Bland should be labeled POS for driving while black, getting justifiably irate at an abusive cop, and being murdered in custody. We don’t get his reference to “dropped-off.” She was attacked without provocation by the cop who arrested her, according to what we saw, and never would have been stopped or bothered had she not been black. There was no motivation for suicide, any more than there was cause for her arrest. Bland was a vibrant young woman with everything to live for. If police have nothing to hide, then let them be forthcoming; but they’re not, so far as we know.Sandra Bland
He thinks Mike Brown deserved to be apprehended for walking down a public street; gunned down in cold blood after he had run away and had his hands up; and then have his reputation smeared as a cover story, while his body was left lying on unattended display in the street for several hours, as a warning to others.Mike Brown
Larry’s more compassionate commenter, dissents.Mike Brown Tweet
Think Morgan Freeman in “Unforgiven.”Unforgiven

We don’t think Brown should have been bothered either, or would have, had he not been black. We can’t help wonder how the fact that Brown was unarmed, squares with Larry’s espoused views about how everyone should have concealed handguns without permits? Sure it’s obvious what the deal is, but even the NRA does not seem to explicitly state that blacks are considered excluded from 2nd Amendment Rights, although there is a general lack of blacks on its Twitter page. As of 2/22, Larry is still obsessed with assassinating Brown’s character. Of course, Brown has now earned the label POS for being killed by a policeman; but what does Mike Brown have to do with Assata Shakur, except both are black? We didn’t see anyone mention Shakur at any time during the Beyoncé SuperBowl show, the back-up singers didn’t “honor” anyone, and even if the show evoked the Panthers, Shakur was not a member after about 1971; so the only thing these people truly have in common, is race.
Our interpretation is in quotes, in vintage ‘Mark Fuhrman’:

Gratuitous Mike Brown Shot
“Anything out of a n_gger’s mouth is a lie, and that is just right out.”   – Mark Fuhrman

According to Larry, there has never been such a thing as a black person killed in Police custody who didn’t have it coming; and blacks are not worthy of being shown so much as a shred of human decency, respect, consideration, or empathy. Black people have no right to complain or resent a bigot like Larry, he’s trying to help them see the light and understand white cultural superiority; and he has no responsibility for being a driver of more crime, as long as that lets him put more black people in lock-up. Nearly all the country’s problems stem completely from blacks, says he, and he loves nothing better than to trot out his favorite, self-loathing lawman; trying to prove his point:Stop trying to fix the Police, Fix the Ghetto

Right. Race problems are caused by Liberals, not by any mistreatment of the black community. That’s an idea that would make sense to someone who is dedicated to the cultural genocide of the American black. Get fully whitemanized, or die, there is no other way. The same with Democrats and “Libs,” who believe in any kind of tolerance and acceptance of black culture; but there’s no racism problem with US police. Right.

Naturally, Muslims are another group on Larry’s favorites list. Never mind that deliberately insulting people tends to piss them off and turn cops into targets. Dead cops make more work for guys like Larry, and Larry is clearly of a mind to provoke some mass shootings,Let's Offend Muslims
so he can have fun blaming Muslims and vindicating his bigotry.
 Muslims Are At Fault, See?
He shows his love for Mexicans, and other immigrants,Undocumented is BS
and teachers, Larry Dombrowski Teachers Are Union Thugs
and gays.Larry Dombrowski Kim Davis
We do agree completely with Larry about Kim Davis, another elected public official, like our judges, who can’t be fired. Positions without accountability need to be eliminated from our society; a blind presumption that these people have integrity is precisely what created such a mess of our courts.

                   Larry unapologetically thinks 12yo Tamir Rice deserved a summary execution by the Cleveland Police for playing in a playground, and that Rice’s family should have to pay for his ambulance, because they apparently deserve their grief. Why should police have to pay, just because they killed him without warning or cause?

Tamir Rice Should Pay
Racism doesn’t get any colder than this.
Tamir Rice Again
                     Larry believes killer cops should be able to sue their victims, and that Darren Wilson’s enormous payout on GoFundMe, made possible by cheering bigots nationwide, wasn’t sufficient to cover the poor soul’s trauma from fulfilling his dream of killing a black man.
Cops Should Sue Their Victims
He maintains Police aren’t racist, Larry Dombrowski Cops Aren't Racist
but along with Sheriff Clarke, ignores the facts of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Cedrick Chatman, Laquan McDonald and a whole host of other dead blacks, killed by police or in custody.
                  By the way, we watched part of Sheriff Clarke’s video regarding BLM, but became nauseous, and couldn’t finish it. If you want to try it yourself, make sure you’ve got some Pepto-Bismol in the house, just in case.
                  Larry uses another of his pet monikers for people who disagree with him, in an effort to show that Police aren’t really looking to kill blacks, just to cage them,Police Aren't Anti Black
 especially if any blacks are caught with “illegal” guns.
Less Lethal Force
If everyone is supposed to have concealed guns without a permit, what makes a gun “illegal?” Is the difference between a “gun criminal,” and a “law-abiding citizen,” predicated upon the color of the wielder in Larry’s mind? Because it sure looks that way.
National right to unavailable tweet
Larry literally thinks “this race thing is out of hand,” and that cops have zero obligation to budge a fraction of an inch towards improving police/community relations.
Larry Dombrowski This Race Thing Is Out Of Hand
Thanks to the leadership of people like this, Erie is in worse shape now, in terms of crime and race relations, than it was at the height of the race riots in the late 1960’s; and as long as people who think like Larry are running things, we can look forward to decades and decades more of dead kids in our beloved Gem City.

c) Let’s Make America Great White Again

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                  By this time, you may be wondering to yourself, as we are, “Isn’t it strange that a super-detective who specializes in cyber crime, leaves a 400-mile-long trail of racial and religious hatred, all over the Internet every day; and advocates for flooding our streets with unregistered guns, but complains about “gun criminals” with “illegal” guns? We think so.
Of Course, Hillary Clinton is completely out of touch with reality for talking about cyber security.

Cyber Security Hillary
Here’s a little random hate we just can’t resist interpreting:
POS Obama2
“Jail all black men, starting with the President.”

Remember, though, he’s not racist, it’s just that Muslims really are racially inferior,

%22Not Racism%22 All Muslims are bad
“All Muslims are slime.”

and the same with blacks.

%22Decent%22 Americans Hate Blacks
“Any ‘Decent American’ hates blacks & black culture, and anyone who doesn’t think so is a criminal.”
%22The Silent Majority%22
“White people want their rightful place of unquestioned cultural dominance.”
But decide for yourself what Dombrowski is, as we present him in his own words.
Confederate Flag 1Diminished In the Eyes Of The World
We note that Nikki Haley is both dark-complected and a woman, which makes her a natural butt for Larry’s derision.
              Larry thinks politicians are supposed to offend Muslims at every turn, which is why he thinks demagogue Trump belongs in the Oval Office; and he does his level best to help with the offending.
Love offending Muslims
He consults with his ‘experts,’ who totally agree, “all Muslims alike,” as if two humans were ever alike, let alone millions. Larry’s not a racist, and he’s not paranoid, it’s just that:
1) He’s prejudiced against entire groups of people based upon criteria of skin color and/or religion;
2) He wears his Northern Yankee Confederate Pride;Confederate Pride
and 3) The world is against him.
Raging Paranoid1
Raging Paranoid2
Make up your own mind whether you think Chief Dombrowski may be a candidate to become a mass shooter himself, someday.Larry Dombrowski Guns At Work For Everyone
               Although Larry claims to be strictly a, “rule-of-law” guy; when it comes to respecting Civil Rights, or enforcing laws against inciting violence and hate speech, he doesn’t seem to say much.
Larry Dombrowski Supports the Rule of Law
We’d like to see our top detective enforce Public Corruption laws at the Erie County Courthouse, but apparently, Larry’s allegiance to the law depends on whether or not he likes it.
              Clearly, he worries that people may notice the similarity of his own policing style, with that of police in Ferguson, MO.Sharia Law

He is a juvenile Larry1He is a juvenile Larry2

14 years old is 14 years old, and is a juvenile; that fact doesn’t change according to either circumstances or race. This kid is in a shitload of trouble and longing for a time when he was a little more innocent and didn’t have a ruined life ahead of him. Like that’s real unusual, and isn’t at all what any other kid in a similar situation might think; irrespective of the races of the people involved. No, no, he’s black! That makes him a hardened, conniving criminal who is only thinking about how to play those “soft” judges and the public.

          Although Larry loves to emulate his favorite fellow flaming bigot, Donald Trump, by hurling verbal abuse at anyone he decides to dislike; we don’t think the use of terms like, “Asshat,” “Moron,” “Idiot,” or “POS,” is a very solution-oriented or productive behavior. We believe in showing everyone enough respect not to call them nasty names; and it serves no purpose, when a person’s own words reveal things we could never describe, as well as they do themselves. Larry, on the other hand, is quite the ill-mannered gent, and doesn’t show a lot of respect for anyone. It’s Larry’s world, you just live in it, and you’re breathing his air. He respects a tin-plated, billionaire scion of white privilege and wealth; who deals in snake-oil and hate; lies about his assets; claims to fund his own campaign while he holds out a Starbuck’s cup for donations; and sells baseball caps and other Chinese merchandise to his supporters to raise cash; while complaining that the Chinese are taking our jobs. Snake Oil Salesman
             Trump hides nothing? Right. Neither did Nixon. Let’s start with his Mob connections and his assets, and work our way down from there. The article in question, “Loser Responds To Donald Trump,” disagrees entirely with Larry, as do we. Politifact may have awarded Trump the, “2015 Lie Of The Year,” and given him the highest “Pants On Fire” rating of any candidate in the 2016 race: but Trump hates blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, and immigrants, and that’s the only reason people like Larry need to support him. No other consideration matters; and yes, we do agree with the “experts,” as Larry terms them, and call that, “low-info.” The bigot motivation in Presidential politics hasn’t been so stark since racist white people supported George Wallace in the belief that he was going to roll back Civil Rights and put blacks back in their place. Wallace wasn’t racist either, not even when he bodily barred black kids from entering a Public School. He just didn’t like black people, or think they should mix with whites. Even Wallace eventually renounced segregation, but it persists in places like Erie, PA, in very real ways.Low Info Grad
             For Larry, a little hate-mongering is very “refreshing” in a world grown intolerant of bigots. We figure he also must take pride in a candidate who has nothing better to talk about at a Presidential debate than the size of his gros membre, and who adds so much class and dignity to the race.
%22Best Sex I've Ever Had%22
We’d expect Larry’s understanding of Immigration Law is as bad as Trump’s, and although we never heard him state so directly, we think he’s an excellent candidate for someone who believes in Trump’s imaginary, “Anchor Babies,” and here’s one reason.Illegal aliens get benefits?
             We sure wish Larry would elaborate on what kind of “better-than-veterans’ benefits” these “illegals” are getting, and give us a comparison chart showing exactly how much better off the subhumans are than our vets. Is it possible he really believes this? To our knowledge, undocumented people don’t get anything, outside of healthcare if they get pregnant; plus, they can go to Public School; and they’re allowed to pay taxes. “Illegals” get nothing. Although we completely agree that veterans are largely underserved, we’re sure they do a bit better than that, in terms of benefits, at least according to the ones we know who get healthcare and VA checks.
In our own contact with Larry, where he responds to a query we made to Ryan Bizzarro, we found the same sort of broad statements, but requests for specifics were ignored.
D4C Dombrowski Bizzarro Twitter Conversation Chief's Page copy
First, he categorically accuses us of saying something false, before immediately reversing himself and admitting our major point is completely true. Further, we asked for black law firms, and we didn’t say all courthouse jobs, so what was it we said that wasn’t true? Larry doesn’t say, and declined to provide names of black attorneys, or to specify the meaning of, “a number of,” or “numerous.” So the only thing in this exchange that isn’t true, looks to be Larry’s statement, “Not true.” We assume it was Bizzarro who liked Larry’s comment.
Larry’s lack of regard for the world shows in everything he says. He hates the Government, judges, all politicians like the Governor, the Mayors of Philadelphia and NYC, and the President;
Public Leech

and he’s not shy about slapping a “POS” label on anyone; so he appears to have no respect for chain-of-command or decorum, and no loyalty to anyone but himself. He is a lot like Trump, actually, except for his history of military service. Trump dodged the Draft with a “bone-spur” in one of his feet, but can’t remember which foot, and hasn’t volunteered an x-ray or any other health records. Larry still thinks Trump should be Commander-in-Chief of the military, because he’s promised to ban Muslims, and carpet-bomb the entire Middle East into dust; before stealing all the oil and giving it to deserving pals like Rex Tillerson. Rex wants to put fracking wells in black neighborhoods, but keep them out of his own backyard.

Rex Tillerson
“Keep that fracking shit away from MY house, or I’ll sue your ass!”

When he can bring race into it, Larry sticks up for veterans, Veterans

but seems to approve of “4F” Trump’s attacks on John McCain’s military service; and his encouraging of his followers to assault a veteran that, He, Trump, said he “would like to punch in the face,” himself, at one of his recent campaign events.
              Larry apparently is OK with white on white crime, and backs Donald Trump’s bullying of the people who have launched a Class Action suit against him for the colossal fraud called, “Trump University.” Trump should be able to walk, just like John Mizner in Erie County, because privileged whites are above the law in this country. it's Great that Trump is a fraud.
Naturally, Larry thinks law enforcement can do no wrong, and that all cops are persecuted saints;
Poor Police
and he gets outraged at the thought of any law enforcement officer being held accountable for illegal and clearly inappropriate actions;

More Bland

and how dare anyone be charged in the gruesome death of Freddie Gray?
POS Cop Prosecutor
He fully supports racial profiling,Larry Dombrowski Racial Profiling
and thinks that people who don’t like Trump, and show acceptance and compassion to Muslims, should be arrested.Anti-Trump People Should Be Arrested
Larry’s got free speech rights, he can say what he likes, but should people like this really be in upper-management and a major influence on law enforcement? Not in our book.
             One issue that positively fries us, would be the crocodile tears Larry sheds on behalf of fallen Law Enforcement Officers. He complains bitterly of a “War on Cops,”War on Police Paranoia
and then turns and rails against the Government that sustains him, and that he represents;
Certainly Not Obama
and cheers militants like the Bundy Bunch, when they load themselves with weapons arsenals which they use to point at cops.  ThanksgivingGUNS, GUNS, GUNS!
Although he definitely hates Muslims, he also loves to give Muslim terrorists free and unfettered weapons access, and shares the idea that all cops are bastards.80MGun Owners Can't Be Wrong
He obviously doesn’t believe mass shootings like the one on 2/23/16 in Phoenix, AZ, where all kinds of cops and firefighters were getting shot at, result from too many guns in our society; so where does he think the “bad guys” get the guns?
Everybody has to have guns! Again.

We don’t live in France.

d) “Klansmen, And Kriminals, And Guns, Oh, MY!”

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             Chief Larry Dombrowski is retired, and that pleases us no end, he served 25 years as Chief County Detective, and he’s presumably collecting a public pension (and still involved with law enforcement), which, like his salary, is paid for from the taxes of blacks, Muslims, teachers, immigrants, women; and virtually everyone else he berates all over Twitter. Here, he drags Mike Brown through his defense of a phony inflammatory video regarding Planned Parenthood, which provoked a shooting that killed three people, including a cop. Is it really worth all that, just to deprive women of healthcare?
Planned Parenthood
Watch him take a gratuitous cheapshot at “Black Panther” Beyoncé, as he proudly waves his Stars & Bars, and pities himself as a victim of racism.
He’d put a look like this on the face of any reasonable person.
We admit to being completely perplexed as to what all this kerfuffle over the Beyoncé SuperBowl show is all about; and as far as the “Formation” video, there’s a graffiti image that says, “Stop Shooting Us,” a picture of Dr. King, and several different images of the police, one of which shows a line of police in riot gear with raised hands, facing a black child, and images of a cop car underwater in New Orleans. We couldn’t find anything overtly “anti-law-enforcement” about it. How does the simple act of reminding police that a lot of blacks get wrongly killed by them, get labeled anti-cop and inciting of violence?
As far as the Super Bowl, so what if the dancers formed an “X” to salute Malcolm? NYC has a major street called, “Malcolm X Blvd,” its official name in the heart of Harlem.Malcolm X Blvd
So what if the singers wore berets and afros, and used a “Black Power” salute, and so what if this was evocative of the Black Panthers? Beyoncé has as much right as anyone to make a political statement. The real problem here, for Larry, Sheriff Clarke, and the commenters that agree with them; is Queen Bey’s celebration of black culture. How dare she?
Sorry, we think police are subject to criticism just like anybody else in society. Wearing a badge doesn’t make anyone right 100% of the time, or above doing wrong. We looked at several articles on this show, running from severely racist to fairly objective, but the most ridiculous thing we saw, was from a face we’re already familiar with, that of Sheriff Clarke, on Twitter.Sheriff Clarke - Beyonce - KKK
Astounding as it is to find a black man who advocates for the KKK, and appears to possibly be a member (more on this later); we’re even more incredulous at the logic of his comparison, which takes the whole “anti-cop” nonsense to an entirely absurd level. From his consistent posts, we doubt seriously that Clarke would be at all outraged at KKK hoods and bedsheets, as he clearly is about evoking the Black Panthers; it’s much more likely he’d be defending them.
Unlike the KKK, we’ve never heard a story of any Black Panthers performing racially motivated lynchings, bombings, or beatings with impunity, or starting fires on the lawns of defenseless white people; and yes, absolutely, we’d be outraged to see a white group performing in hoods and bedsheets; because equating the Black Panthers with the KKK is like comparing apples and oranges. If Sheriff Clarke can’t see the difference, that’s only because he’s part of the problem regarding racism in US law enforcement, and we wonder what kind of county keeps him in office? He’s rather reminiscent of the racist black maid in “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” who believed blacks needed to know their proper place in society.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
“What kind of doctor you supposed to be?!?” – Tillie, the racist maid, played by Isabel Sanford. “Guess who’s Coming To Dinner?” 1967.

Regarding the police/Beyoncé issue, retired LAPD Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey, has a different take than Sheriff Clarke. She thinks that cops who refuse to protect Beyoncé, or anyone, when their duty requires it, should be working in a different profession, and we agree. As usual, there are two sides to things; people who don’t see that, are employing two standards. No racism in US Law Enforcement? Not much, there ain’t. [Watch the video: Why Beyoncé Formation Boycott is More Police Racism]

We’re totally with the Chief on this next one,Police Will Take On Anything Except Protecting Beyoncé

but we can’t help wondering if this also applies to providing security for Beyoncé? Clearly, this issue shows that a lot of cops think doing their duty is a selective process, and they don’t have to protect anybody if they don’t like them; much the same way that laws get selectively enforced by Larry and the rest of our close-knit-legal/law-enforcement community.

Since the Chief County Detective of Erie for 25 years, has no problem broadcasting to the world about just how much he hates black people and wants black culture dead, what does that suggest about how the good Chief applied himself to his job?  He eschews and chafes against “political correctness,” which is whitecode for, “You can’t even say ‘n_gger,’ in public anymore!”

Political Correctness
Political Correctness 2
Let’s be clear, “political correctness,” is simply the expectation that we all should show good manners, respect, and sensitivity to everyone equally; and people like Larry, who consider themselves to be racially superior, harbor a ferocious resentment against any such idea. Why should they have to show any sensitivity to racial and cultural inferiors? Fuck that!
In terms of the Cliven Bundy Gang, and the Planned Parenthood shooter, we’d agree that those people should be called terrorists, and can’t help wonder about where the white Planned Parenthood gunman in Colorado got his weapons when he was a “law-abiding citizen,” before he went on his killing rampage and became a “gun criminal?”
Robert Dear
Robert Dear – ‘law-abiding’-until-recently, Planned Parenthood shooter.
The NRA says no gun should be registered.
Larry says we need to flood our society with guns. National Right To Carry
           With such an unabashed hater of so many people operating right at the heart of Erie County Law Enforcement for two and a half decades; does that tell us anything about the racist culture of Erie County Law Enforcement and the Erie County Court? This is something which we alone seem to be addressing, but which so many whites, including poor Larry, are denying even exists. If pro-black-and-Muslim-abolition Larry, is considered to be a normal part of operations in Erie County Justice, what does that say about all the people Larry worked with in that realm of “normal?” Are our Police Chief’s views regarding black people the same as Larry’s, and how many of our judges feel this way?
LArry Dombrowski All Defendants Are Guilty
Cops & African Americans
Racism in drug enforcement and disparity in sentencing are shown by statistics, and although white people like Zachary Hammond get suspiciously and wrongfully killed by police also; stories like Jamar Clark‘s are simply too common to chalk-up to coincidence.
The Erie Times News sure won’t talk about any of this, the Times can’t even manage to wag its finger when Larry posts a foaming-at-the-mouth racist rant, that stretches out over what appears to be a few years; or when the Erie County Court is crooked like a bent corkscrew with corruption. All the Times can produce is “whitewash” like this, which conforms to the same script used by the judges and Peter Freed:
“Reflects poorly, but there are no problems within the Court…yada-yada-yada…go home, nuthin’ to see here. Larry says our biggest problems in Erie are young black males and too many guns.”

See our article, The Paper, The Leash, And The Muzzle, for more on the Times.

             Something sure smells when your Chief County Detective does not seem to recognize that his job is to protect everyone in his community from crime; but instead thinks his job is to protect white people from black people, expunge black culture, and put blacks in jail; when he isn’t busy offending Muslims, fomenting civil unrest, and spreading fear and paranoia,

Vigilante groups.jpgArm Yourself Everybody
Muslims Wreak Havoc everywhere
or peddling hate and intolerance.Death To Islam
We just don’t think it’s possible for the Erie law enforcement community not to be racist, when its Chief County Detective of 25 years is someone as full of hate as Larry Dombrowski.
               We found very interesting, when reading the Chief’s perspectives, his views on what he considers to be wimpy judges and prosecutors, who are supposedly letting blacks off easy because they’re afraid of prison overcrowding; interesting because, he naturally sees the polar opposite of what we see, which is: epidemic justice-rigging and mass, gratuitous jailings. He should talk to Judge Kelly about the amount of people in jail, because she definitely agrees we need more of those, with all the men, black and white, she puts away, just to fill beds at the oversized Erie County Prison; and is he unacquainted with Judge Connelly, for goodness’ sake? No problem there with any length prison term, for blacks and their associates, anyway. Connelly holds the record, from the stories we’ve heard, and since everyone else in town uses gossip to form opinions, why can’t we do it once in awhile? That’s what Erie is all about, just ask our judges, or look at Larry’s Twitterfeed.
It would be really great if “illegal” in Erie County, didn’t only apply, depending upon who the perp happens to be and what the crime is. Unfortunately, the ugly reality, is that it does. In Erie County, one man’s 5-year stretch is another man’s walk with no charge, as long as he knows the right people.

                Obviously, the Chief is of a mind that too many people in jail is not a problem at all in this country, even though we imprison more of our citizens than any other country on Earth, in “The Land Of The Free.” Burgeoning prisons do create a nice, domestic pool of slave labour to take jobs from everyone else, since having to compete with starving people in Asia isn’t enough of a bleed on struggling American workers.Larry Dombrowski Mass Arrests are a SolutionOver-incarceration also creates a back door to minority voter disenfranchisement, since convicted felons are stripped of their right to vote; and it punishes the families of the incarcerated by tacking astronomical fees onto things like phone calls or deposits to an inmate account, to benefit predatory crony corporations of the prison industry like Global Tel Link (which finally g0t reined-in by the Feds last year), or J-pay, which has some insidious hidden disadvantages in addition to price-gouging.

Larry Dombrowski More Incarceration!
“All criminals, blacks, and Muslims, alike.”

Punishing families of the incarcerated is a similar concept to Trump’s plan to collectively punish the families of Muslim terrorist suspects by killing them all; and Judge Kelly’s collective punishment of the families of non-custodial parents, through extraction by threat-of-jail, of arbitrary, too-high, Support payments.
According to Larry, all criminals are the same, so a black Defendant who gets busted for smoking pot, is just as dangerous as one who commits armed robbery and kills a few people in the process; and there clearly has never existed such thing as a black Defendant who isn’t guilty. Whether or not a black man did what he’s accused of, he’s definitely guilty of breathing, and should be locked-up anyway. “Rising crime,” could never be due to over-criminalization of normal behavior? Bursting jails couldn’t be caused by draconian mandatory minimum sentences and/or sentencing disparities? Over-incarceration doesn’t affect any significant number of whites, who also shouldn’t be in prison? Poppycock, it doesn’t; and if current crime policies and law enforcement are so all-fired terrific, why is crime supposedly rising instead of falling, so that every home must be bristling with weapons, according to some people, with which to greet police or criminals, depending on which one shows up at the door?

Nonviolent Offenders Are A Myth

And by the way, Donald Trump is no racist,

Donald Tum not racist

he’s just prejudiced against blacks, Muslims, and immigrants.

Just WOW. Give Me a BreakLarry thinks building a big wall on our Southern border to keep out undesirable Hispanics is a great idea. If we just build the wall high enough it has to work (just like mass-incarceration has to work if we lock up the entire population), it’s not like El Chapo has any experience building tunnels, or that extra height has any relevance.

The Wall
Isn’t “God, guns, and Trump,” an oxymoronic collection of mutually-exclusive terms?

The fact that most people who cross the border illegally do so in California, where there already is a wall, is apparently irrelevant.

The Wall
US/Mexico Border Wall. An already-tried-and-failed idea whose time hasn’t come.

Still, Trump can’t figure out that his ongoing threats to build his wall higher, sound even more unbelievably stupid than the idea of the wall itself, and it’s clear from the reaction of his followers to such hogwash, that they can’t either.

           We’re not sure what the Chief Detective thinks about Jews, but it wouldn’t be hard to guess, what with his advocacy of religious tests, racial profiling, and the Ku Klux Klan.KKK Advocate
There’s probably nothing that could quite make Larry’s day like finding a colored man willing to either stick up for the KKK’s right to, “beat a black guy;”or to blame blacks for all the country’s woes. Racist cops pose no problem, though.
Black KKK Sheriff
We’re not exactly certain what Larry’s getting at, here. Is it, “See? There’s a black guy here who agrees with me that blacks cause all our problems and police don’t need a thing, so I’m not racist?” We’re also not sure whose truth Sheriff Clarke speaks, but it definitely isn’t ours. There’s no racial connotation in the use of, “ghetto,” here, either.
Violence All Blacks Fault
Does this apply to, “Why punish the 99.9% of Muslims who aren’t terrorists?”
Some Goups Need to be Monitored
“Some groups need to be monitored for national security. Muslims, blacks, and blacks, are just three.”
We’d imagine not.
                The KKK likes to call itself, “a Christian organization,” which is kind of like saying that The Erie Club is a restaurant. Certainly, the KKK needs no monitoring, armed Domestic hate groups didn’t make Larry’s list.  The KKK is best known for its Christian acts of terror like setting big crosses ablaze on the lawns of black folk.
Drumpf - KKK

Of course, the KKK endorses Trump, and utilizes the Confederate flag.

David Duke
“I think he (Trump) deserves a close look by those who believe the era of political correctness needs to come to an end.” – Former Klan Grand Wizard, David Duke.

Translation: “He deserves a close look by those who believe that White Supremacy has to be restored to its divinely rightful place of complete dominance; and this ‘question’ of Minority Rights needs to come to an end.”
We’re sure Larry agrees with Duke, at least from what he says.
Larry does a curious 180˚ turn on the KKK and uses it to attack Hillary Clinton out of the other side of his mouth, although he made no similar rebuke of Trump, and defended the right of the KKK to inflict violence on black people. Again, we’re not sure how to interpret this, is he trying to say, “Democrats love the KKK, too! So there!?”

KKK Hillary?

We’ve included the link to the article and video, which is from a reasonably far LEFT site that blasts Hillary for praising Senator Robert Byrd. Apparently, “the lying and Godless Left,” is telling the truth this time. Byrd sided with Bill Clinton when he was being impeached, and was a rather enthusiastic KKK member and organizer before he entered politics in the 1940’s, and had some seriously White Supremacist ideas. In his later years, he seems to have sincerely repented his KKK involvement at least. Follow the link to the article on him, and judge for yourself. Byrd was elected before the Civil Rights Act was passed, a product of a different era who seemed to evolve, and was also the longest serving member in Senate history, so it’s really shocking that Hillary would say something nice about him, KKK aside. Does Larry have an occasional Leftist impulse mixed in with his hard Right addiction; or is it just that he’ll use whatever he can find to attack people he doesn’t like, and he’s really not so fussy?  Naturally, Larry doesn’t put it, “Must see video! Hillary Clinton praises Senator Robert Byrd!” He knows that most of the audience that reads his post won’t bother to see what the article is actually about, but will just drink in the subliminal negativity. This is the purpose of trolling, and that’s how it works. Although we have no love for Hillary Clinton (In fact, she has her own KKK endorsement), it’s difficult to imagine a clearer example of a pot criticizing a kettle, than for someone like Larry Dombrowski to point his finger and shout, “KKK!” at Clinton; what with that Confederate Flag tacked up on the wall inside of his garage.
                   Larry takes his cues from conspiracy-theory peddler, This is the place which brought us the mythical, “good guy with a gun,” who appears to be about as real as the “Anchor Baby.”
Larry Dombrowski Breitbart
Breitbart’s ability to twist facts and logic would put a blush on the cheeks of Judge Kelly.
Breitbart tossed any whiff of journalistic integrity in the garbage at start-up, but recently, threw its own reporter under the bus in a dispute with Donald Trump, apparently claiming a Breitbart employee was in a conspiracy to smear Trump, because Breitbart is pro-Trump no matter what, and its reporting has to conform to that position.
Larry and Sheriff Clarke bemoan the loss of the Confederate Flag, yet again.
Confederate Flag Guy

e) “God, And The ‘Anti’-Establishment”

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                   Poor Larry, like his idol, Donald trump, clearly does not understand that the 1st Amendment prohibits our Government from making ANY law respecting religion, and Trump won’t be able to change that no matter how many lawyers he’s got.

Sharia Law copy
States in the USA don’t have to pass any such laws, everyone who lives in this country has to “accept” our laws, and Muslims are unlikely to have “special” status in racist courts like the one in Erie. “Special” status in Erie County, means either, one has a judge that doesn’t like them, or a judge who is a crony or relative. These guys in South Carolina writing Anti-Sharia-Law laws, are simply using taxpayer time to create fluff; so people who don’t know that this is utter bullshit, will get scared and steamed, and vote for these same guys, who are also robbing them blind. They may drive their constituents to the poor house, but they hate blacks and Muslims, so they’re definitely the right kind of folks for a vote. The question is, how can someone in law enforcement actually believe this?
               Small wonder the KKK supports Trump. It’s OK at his rallies to have fun roughing-up and choking a black man, and heaping him with insults; or to throw a sucker punch in the face of someone for daring to show up while colored. Now, Trump’s KKK followers won’t even worry about getting in trouble, because they’ll assume Mr. Moneybags will pay their legal fees, so that will give them free license to go beat up on black persons anywhere. They should be careful, though, he’s backing off that idea. Could the incitement be any more plain? Even if it weren’t, Trump is too cheap to do any such thing, in the final analysis.
                 Larry loves to praise Trump as the “anti-establishment” Candidate.The Establishment
Mitt is surely a failed candidate, but of all the ones still in the field in either party, which has the most in common with people like Mitt Romney and George Bush? As in: rich white boy born with silver spoon to incredible privilege, an ostensibly successful businessman with a lot of failures under his belt; who, if he had left his inheritance in a trust fund, would actually have the ten billion dollars he claims; rather than maybe 25% of that.
Trump loves to advocate violence, and although he claims he’d actually like to engage in the violence himself, his germophobia and fear of damaging his metrosexual manicure forbid such things; so he just incites his followers to inflict his blows for him, while he stands behind them and eggs them on through an amplified sound system. Of course, laws against hate speech and inciting violence don’t get enforced against billionaires.
                   Free speech is a right of rich whites, not black protestors.Red Nation Truth?Red Nation Post Complete Stroke
No, it’s not the truth. It’s complete bullcrap, and really a rather senseless comparison. They shut Trump down precisely because they do care about the murder rate, and don’t want it going any higher. Fortunately, there were a lot of commenters on this post who share our opinion. Whatever happened in Chicago, whomever was inappropriate on either side, one thing doesn’t change: it’s Donald Trump who’s inciting all the violence. What he’s doing should get him arrested, and if he isn’t stopped, he’s likely to cause a riot, or even several. So where the F is law enforcement? As far as Larry goes, he’s busy blaming black people and stumping for the Great White Hope.The Great White Dope
                  The thing Larry and the types that he hob-nobs with just can’t bring themselves to believe, is that not every white person on Earth thinks like they do, and no matter what idiotic poll says what, white racists are simply not the majority anymore, and can’t win an election without some of the demographics that Trump has completely alienated. Romney proved that, and Trump’s outdone Romney on the racist-o-meter to the nth degree.
Some whites, actually get offended, when someone like Larry whispers a racial slur about a minority to them in public, presuming complete agreement. (snort) Must be some kind of “Libtards!”  True believers in white superiority can still hang out together with Nazi and Confederate flags and bedsheets, but just can’t control the government quite like they used to. There are also fewer KKK people in the Government than there were in the mid-20th Century, although there obviously still are some (in Erie County, we apparently had at least one, as recently as 2013, we don’t know about the present); but they don’t quite as often sally forth with the Night Riders to sew terror and mayhem across the land; looting, pillaging, brandishing firearms and torches, and lighting crosses on fire. Things just aren’t the same anymore, and thank God for that.

                 Of course, Larry mourns the passing of our Justice System’s Chief-Bigot-For-Life, Antonin Scalia, praising Scalia’s recent postulations on black intellectual inferiority, while remaining oblivious to Scalia’s own shortcomings in that regard, which were legion.Scalia was Right!
Scalia 2
                   What we can’t figure out, is who exactly Larry has such mortal fear of, that he needs all those guns and walls, to feel “safe” in a dangerous place like Waterford? %22We're Not Afraid Of Anything%22
Well, if you’re not afraid of anything, then why you need a personal arsenal, to defend yourselves against what? Although, from looking at what Larry and the NRA put on Twitter, it looks like these people could be arming for a race war; the gun-obsessed usually believe they’re protecting themselves from the government that Larry represents, as we’ve seen, and that cops are the enemy; people like Trump-activist/Bundy-henchman, Jerry DeLemus. Larry doesn’t think any of the guns he wants distributed wind up being sold by “law-abiding citizens,” to “gun criminals,” or that any could be used to kill cops? How does he continue to support a candidate who has staff that pointed weapons at Law Enforcement Officers, and who continues to regularly incite violence?
                  To be clear, we support the 2nd Amendment as much as anyone; and we think viewing gun control as a panacea for all our social problems, is to myopically focus on a red herring; as much as believing in Larry’s ‘bizarro’ theories about blacks and Muslims. It’s the racism, Stupid!
                  The thing is, how does the Chief publish an article in the Times claiming that our biggest problem in Erie is gun violence; and then make a sharp u-turn on Twitter, and say that virtually everyone, everywhere, should be armed on all occasions? In case you missed it, the Chief even thinks everyone (well, unless they’re black or Muslim), should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, anywhere, as forward-thinking West Virginia does;
Guns For Everyone
and reminds us again that he believes anyone who gets shot in a gun-free zone should be able to sue the people in charge.
 Gun Free Zones 2


If everyone is supposed to be carrying concealed weapons, criminals of every stripe are a subset of the set, “everyone,” and so are blacks and Muslims. That’s from 4th Grade arithmetic, and shouldn’t take 3 university degrees to figure out. Is Larry saying, “Gun violence is in no way connected to the amount of guns in our society, but the problem is not enough guns are out there and not enough blacks are in jail?” Because that’s sure what it sounds like he’s saying to us. Now, he shows his love for our Commander-in-Chief.  Gun Control Is A Disgrace

Obama Asshat

How do these views about mass gun ownership jibe with the issue of gun violence against law enforcement?  It seems to us that it’s a no-brainer that fewer guns out there would equal significantly fewer dead cops, which we think would be a big improvement. Making fewer dead people in general, and particularly in Erie, is one of D4C’s chief objectives. We wish Larry was with us, but Hate doth walk hand-in-hand with Death, does it not? As well as it keeps him employed. Trump Loves Guns, Too!
Although it’s quite obliging of the Erie Times News to provide an enormous, public platform for Larry to espouse his theories about the trouble with Erie, how does the Times offer Larry a full page to spout “throw the book at gun criminals,” without properly vetting him as a contributor? Obviously, gun purchases aren’t the only place where it might be advisable to perform at least a cursory background check. Whether or not he’s Chief, is not the only factor that should be considered in such matters; although it has an extreme significance here, just not the one the Times thinks. Apparently, blacks don’t read the paper, and uncooperative victims and witnesses in the black community have no reason at all to mistrust or be fearful of someone like Larry, or any other police officer; because blacks don’t know about Twitter, either. Conspicuously absent from Larry’s supercilious essay on fixing gun violence in Erie, are his ideas about concealed-carry without a permit; and one thing which he never makes clear is, at what point does a “law-abiding citizen,” become a “gun criminal?”

                Frankly, what the Chief posts in public doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us, but we really don’t understand racism, or what someone like Larry gets out of practicing it to the point of religious fanaticism. We wonder how many Muslims Larry personally knows?
Child Brides
Pam Geller’s got the straight dope, although she probably doesn’t know as many Muslims as Larry. Is she the sort of expert witness he uses to get people convicted?
                We couldn’t find any postings by Larry about Eric Garner, who was busted for the high-crime of selling loose cigarettes while being big and black, and then promptly asphyxiated with an illegal NYPD chokehold, in a death that was ruled a homicide. We could probably safely surmise his views, from his consistent statements on Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and Mike Brown; but Larry did opine about Michael Bloomberg’s NYPD Police State, which killed Garner the year after Bloomberg was finally got rid of. The NYPD subsequently investigated the guy that filmed Garner’s death, and filed charges against a black officer who was in proximity, but not at the immediate death scene. No racist conduct there.
              Larry and Sheriff Clarke obviously don’t get that a lot of New Yorkers didn’t like Giuliani or Bloomberg, which is why DeBlasio was elected (of course many of those who didn’t are black, so their opinions wouldn’t count); and openly discriminatory police policies like, “Stop & Frisk,” actually do provoke lots of resentment, hostility, and mistrust from people who are targeted by them.More Surveillance On Muslims
The same is true of any official race hatred and discrimination.
We really think Larry’s missing a pattern though: New Yorkers don’t like justice-rigging, as the Eric Garner Case showed; and people in Ferguson don’t like it either, as the Mike Brown Case showed; in fact, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone among the public who really will like it, in the final analysis. Most average people have a feeling of betrayal when they find out that their publicly-trusted courts are dishonest, and their trust has been misplaced and betrayed. The profiteers may like it this way, but we don’t give a hoot what they like, because we don’t like them.
Anyway, yes, it’s the same in Erie, why wouldn’t it be? The only difference, is that here, most of the time, the day-to-day rigging is done simply for profit, and not because the prosecutor is behaving like a defense attorney; though the Mizner Case showed that that type of thing happens here, as well. Rich white guys who are connected to the Erie-native Governor, don’t get charged for crimes in Erie County; they even get a special free pass straight from the PA Supreme Court. Justice-fixing is ubiquitous in the US, look at Ferguson, look at New York, look right here in town. Who cares if it violates the Constitution? The judges may not, but you sure should, especially with someone who has Larry Dombrowski’s worldview in a top position of law enforcement.
              We find the epidemic occurrences of blacks being killed in police custody to be very real and very alarming; particularly when the deceased are people who had done nothing and never should have been stopped; and then the Police are close-mouthed and tight-lipped. We also believe misconduct by police is fairly widespread and common, the same with misconduct in the Courts. PA is especially bad with court malfaesance, because it has a system that invites it. Certainly, police in Erie County would garner some justifiable suspicion there, due to the incredible behavior by the judges of the Court Of Common Pleas; the tone of Larry’s tweets; and the fact that Larry says police are trouble-free, exactly like all our Erie County judicial candidates said about the Court last year. Blacks Are The Problem Not Police
We wonder what Larry would say about this formerly law-abiding poll worker in Ohio, who pulled a gun on a co-worker to settle a dispute?
With everyone carrying hidden handguns, a ton of work gets generated for guys like Larry, to go out busting black people for committing crimes with those concealed arms he says everyone, everywhere, should have. Fewer weapons on the street would do nothing to ease the violence, never mind a lot of people, including a lot of cops, wouldn’t be in their graves without those unregistered guns with filed-off serial numbers? Anyway, a NY newspaper has a much different take on the issue than Larry.NRA Daily News Cover

                 Naturally, there is no mention by Larry in his article, or by the Times News, about the entrenched Erie racism and long-term, sustained abuse of the black community, which is the actual driver of all the violence in town. This subject is strictly taboo; it’s supposed to be good enough not to say the n-word in mixed company, or put it in the paper anymore. Larry, not surprisingly, is in the “it’s-not-my-job-to-deal-with-that” club, with  Joe Sinnott and Ryan Bizzarro, who is, “One of the few good guys” according to Larry.%22One of the Good Guys%22

We disagree, we think Bizzarro is a bit of a slacker, because we’re disappointed in his responses to our queries.Full Bizzarro Twitter Conversation

We’re the first to encourage him to shape-up, but seeing this kind of praise from someone with Larry’s beliefs, doesn’t make us optimistic about where Bizzarro is coming from. We’re not holding our breath for a disavowal in any case, but if it turns out Bizzarro is simpatico with Larry in his attitudes about blacks, Muslims, and the KKK, we wouldn’t be able to view that as a positive. Whatever Bizzarro thinks about these things, he doesn’t broadcast it on Twitter.
Larry completely poopoos the idea that racist cops like him have any sort of problem, it’s all about black males. Apparently, this is even true in Chicago, which has the dirtiest, most corrupt Police Force in the country, and sports a special gulag building called Homan Square, where they disappear people for indeterminate periods, denying any outside contact with relatives or lawyers. Due process has never been an obstacle in Larry’s Erie, either. The Court of Common Pleas simply won’t abide by it. Can anyone wonder why we see this place as a powderkeg, because the black community here gets the same kind of treatment that it gets in Ferguson, MO? Don’t see it? Not yet?

Nothing motivates Larry like showing off “black inferiority.” Chicago Councilman
Right. The out-of-control police force has nothing to do with it.
It has never dawned on poor Larry; that his consistently placing 100% of the blame for all society’s troubles on blacks, Muslims, immigrants, and a shortage of concealed guns; along with his adamant refusal to budge a micro-meter towards improving relations or tolerance; and his unqualified support of loud-and-proud racist Donald Trump; puts his arrogant bigotry on unobscured public display, better than any of his individual tweets. Sorry, but police clearly need a ton of work. Larry and Sheriff Clarke make that very plain, every single day.
Sheriff Clarke Mike BrownSheriff Clarke Gunophile

According to Larry, if there are problems in Chicago, those problems are strictly due to black males, on the street and on City Council. The corrupt Police are guiltless, of course.   Black Men Are The Problem                       Larry sees nothing at all abhorrent about Erie’s retired top detective, stroking the KKK, wearing his hate for blacks and Muslims on his sleeve, and being a public champion of race politics; nothing abhorrent in Trump’s escalating and inflammatory racist rhetoric; nor in the thuggish behavior of Trump supporters, who believe people who disagree with Trump deserve to be met with violence which Trump encourages, speak of showing up with guns at his rallies, and think the Republican Convention needs to allow open carry of assault weapons. That may sound great to Larry, but it sounds horrific to us, and does not bode well for law enforcement officers who may be policing these events. Clearly, we differ dramatically on what constitutes “abhorrent,” and on who or what represents a danger to our country. Trump says that protestors got beat up in the “good old days,” and that not inflicting violence, i.e., behaving like civilized people instead of Neanderthals, is being “too politically correct;” and then he says it’s the protestors who “are not good people,” and are “bringing our country down?” Has he looked in a mirror lately?

Magic Mirror3
“Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s The Most Violent Thug Of All?”

What “good old days,” the days when blacks could be lynched with impunity, or the days of complete anarchy before modern civilization existed?

A Good Reason To Vote Trump?
Sorry, our country is not about bigotry and hate, and Reaganomics has proven to be a bigger failure than mass incarceration. If those are really the “Cowboy Values,” that “America Once Stood For,” that, along with Trump’s candidacy, is a source of national shame, not national pride. D4C will not remain silent until Trump’s Fascists come to register us. We’re happy to speak out now. The man is an absolute menace to our nation and our society, and has to be stopped.

Daily News - %22I did Not Speak Out%22Meanwhile, back in Larry’s fantasy world, relations with police and Erie’s black community are just great. Minority Trust

Larry doesn’t think police in this country are over-militarized, either.Militarized Police

Well, maybe not from that picture, but we think the reality looks a tad more like this. Militarized Police Really

He obviously thinks police are on war footing against a “public” which they regard as the enemy, singling out Ferguson, to show that military hardware is necessary to solve the country’s “black” problem; while ignoring the disgusting racist behavior and culture of the Ferguson Police. How many revolting racist emails like these from Ferguson, can be found in the email systems of the City and County of Erie, or in Larry Dombrowski’s personal account?

Cops At War

War On Police

We’d like to see a complete demographic breakdown of all the arrests and tickets issued in Erie County.

Blacks shouldn’t be allowed to organize and advocate for their own interests and those of other black people, ’cause that’s racist!

Congressional Black Caucus
We disagree with the Black Caucus about Clinton. We think she’s been positively harmful in backing the racist policies that enable the country’s Judge Kellys to flagrantly violate Civil and Human Rights.


Actually, it’s just that the right to organize is reserved for lobbyists and white members of the NRA.

I joined the NRA

The NRA believes all guns should be unregistered, and does not seem to openly promote White Supremacy, but we’ve only seen one black on its page, whose identity can probably be guessed at this point in our narrative.

Thank God For Guns

D4C does not believe that God has anything to do with guns, but it’s obvious the NRA feels that arms are a religion unto themselves.Your God-given right to defend yourself

Could someone please explain to us what these people are defending themselves against? Who’s attacking them? The only thing we can seem to find are vague and seemingly paranoid references to, “the Left,” like this, but the NRA people appear to be the same folks initiating the violent attacks at Trump rallies, as indicated by Larry and Sheriff Clarke. The Godless Left

So, in typical bigot fashion, these people are proclaiming that all members of an ill-defined, and murky, “Left,” are “Godless,” because white NRA members are the only people in the world that have a handle on spiritual matters and true religion. They don’t seem to tell us where the army of gun-toting “Leftists” is, that’s coming after them.

NRA Keep Calm & Register Nothing

So, all guns should be unregistered, everyone in the US should have guns, and Larry’s prayers have been answered in West Virginia; now that potentially millions of unregistered, concealed handguns are allowed to be legally carried across its State lines. Couldn’t that pose added risks for cops, especially the ones making stops on the Interstates?Larry wins in W. Va

Conversely, every cop has to be dressed in riot gear; armed with rocket launchers, flash-bang grenades, and fully automatic weapons; and have his own personal tank and military grade helicopter. Come to think of it, when our Police are going up against lawless thugs and terrorists like Ammon Bundy or Robert Dear, maybe they do need some of that.

The thing is, cops aren’t supposed to be playing the role of domestic soldiers looking to kill State enemies in the US. “To Protect And To Serve,” does not provide a hidden mandate of, “To Crush And To Occupy.” (Likewise, judges like Jamie Mead are not supposed to be assuming there’s a bad guy in the courtroom before a trial ever starts, as Mead suggested he’d be doing prior to being elected, in his Times interview.) Cops are supposed to protect and serve EVERYONE in their communities and handle minor incidents, which is mostly what there would be, if abusive racism, like the insidious and pervasive kind that poisons Erie, ended in this country tomorrow, along with our rigged economic and justice systems. This is why it’s so important for the ethnic makeup of the police force AND THE COURT to reflect the community it serves, and not only the community that gets rich from it.
Figure it out. Is any self-respecting, qualified black man (or woman), likely to be comfortable applying to be a cop in Erie, when he knows he’ll have to take attitude like Larry Dombrowski’s, from virtually everyone around him, starting on day one; assuming Larry’s cousin doesn’t get the job instead? Workplace harassment and/or maintaining a hostile work environment are against the law, too. Is this a good way to promote peace in our fair city?
Sadly, Larry Dombrowski isn’t the only one in town with beliefs like his, he’s got plenty of company, as some of our commenters on FB have shown, and that extends to the members of the Court, like it or not. Larry despises just about everybody, but he didn’t spring from nowhere. He’s the product of a white Erie culture which is supposed to be a secret, like the corruption at the Courthouse. Nobody is supposed to know, except the insiders. Like nobody else can see it in public information and experience. Whoops! The cat’s out of the bag? Sorry, but cats are meant to be free, and when you turn one loose, it does its job, much better than a lot of people. It goes and gets the mouse or the chipmunk, and brings it home to show its master. Even when you put the chipmunk in the trash, it’s pretty tough to keep a lid on a garbage can when it stinks to high Heaven. Some of that stench is bound to leak out.


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For once, we agree with Larry, but we don’t believe in a “racist revolution,” despite the rise of anti-Semitism in France, and the beginnings of it in the US.
Regime Change 2

Hate breeds hate, and this country left a lot of good men in the ground in Europe to end the scourge of genocide, or so we’ve been told; but apparently, people like Larry must think that all our fallen heroes from WWII and the Greatest Generation, were fighting on the side of the genocidal Master Race bigots that ran the Nazi regime. Where we’d like to see Twitter institute regime change, is right here in Erie, PA. The current bunch has held power for enough decades to make it abundantly clear why the place hasn’t made any progress in race relations since 1970, and it’s plain that things will never change until the regime does.


The bedsheets are out!
Should there be a problem with Police/KKK mutual admiration? We think so, but the KKK can support their candidate of choice just like anyone else. We all have that right as Americans.


We sure wish Larry would apply this next one to the guys in the photo right above this ⬆︎,

The Ugly Still Shows
and why is Trump’s ugly hate rhetoric defended and applauded by Larry, since he’s so, “not racist?”
Trump Loves Guns, Too!

Let’s engage in a mildly hypothetical analysis of the kind of upbringing that produces people like Larry, and create a working profile:

Most people like Larry grew up playing “Eeney-meeney-miney-mo, catch a n_gger by the toe,” in tidy white neighborhoods, where all the adults uniformly used the n-word in every reference to blacks, in all sorts of situations, and the kids learned to do the same. Since the kids considered blacks to be inferior to them in every way, the attitude developed that whites were entitled to privilege, and blacks deserved lesser status.
Most likely, believing no blacks heard him doing it, all through school in his formative years, he referred to every black without exception as a n_gger, and mocked black people with sorry impressions whenever he talked about them. He likely still does those things, because he’s never had a reason to stop. When in the immediate proximity of any blacks, he and his fellow entitled white cronies would lapse into codespeak and try not to use the n-word (at least sometimes); like it made a total difference in their attitude towards blacks, and blacks are clueless about what’s going on in the minds of people like this.

When you’re expected to tolerate hate from a large segment of society, and suffer it in silence like all the black kids in Erie, that’s another real serious form of collective abuse, and there’s a cumulative effect to all that. How could there not be? How can someone like Larry believe white people bear no responsibility for behaving the way they do, and absolutely none to correct their own behavior for the good of society as a whole? Is it reasonable to believe we can just “weed out” inferior cultures? We don’t think it is, that sounds exactly like Nazism, and who gets to define, “inferior?” Apparently, Larry Dombrowski.

Christian America
“The world must embrace Fascist racism and unite in finding a Final Solution to, “The Muslim Question.”

Like the whole world is about to make such a proclamation. Shall we start in now with building the concentration camps, with gas chambers disguised as shower baths; and after we finish self-righteously cleansing inferior Muslims from the face of the Earth, which other inferior culture shall we “solve” next? Stopislam

Here’s one person that we’re sure, absolutely doesn’t get to define “inferior.” (Yes, we’re aware this isn’t really Trump, but that makes no difference. Trump is fully capable of making such a ridiculous statement.)
Christian America %22President%22 Trump
So, the US has changed its name to “Christian America,” to accommodate Trump’s professed religious hypocrisy; there are no other people living in the US besides white Christians (that’s their dream, anyway); and there are no Muslims fighting ISIS.
Apparently, Iran, the Syrian regime, and the Syrian rebels, are not Muslim, but are part of “Christian America,” which does not have ground troops in the conflict, but is nonetheless, “doing it for them.”
Here’s another one of Larry’s champs whom we’re sure does not get to judge “inferior” people.Assimilate Speak American
Whether Larry knows it or not, assimilation is genocide, when you’re talking about assimilating an entire cultural group out of existence. What exactly is, “Speak American?” Would that be: 1) talk like you’re from rural Alaska with a horrifying nasally whine; 2) talk with a Southern accent; 3) talk like a New Yorker; 4) talk like you’re from Boston? Ohhhhhhh, you mean talk white, don’t you, and without a trace of a foreign accent, just like Sarah or Larry could do, no problem, if one of them were to go to any other country on Earth? Because they’re so superior, either one of them could surely master flawless Chinese or Arabic in no time. That’s why they can look down their noses on and tune out anyone who speaks “American” with any kind of an accent, especially, if that person sounds like a black or hispanic person to them. Please, let’s drop the code and call this bullshit what it is: Bigotry, with a capital “B,” and this kind of racist hate rhetoric gets innocent people dead, when some “law-abiding citizen” suddenly decides to go on a shooting rampage and become a “gun criminal,” as in this case in Milwaukee, where three people were killed.
In the minds of the Larry Dombrowskis of this world, white sets the standard, and other people are expected to conform to white, talk like white people, dress like white people, use white names, wear white hairstyles, abandon their own cultures, and in essence, change color; since white culture is so inherently better, and other cultures supposedly have less than nothing to offer (See: Jeb Bush Decries Multi-culturalism). Not much self-righteous arrogance going on there (cough), but the mindset is the very definition of racism. Like no immigrant ever contributed anything to this country, and white Americans have never gained anything from other cultures.
Anyone who comes here, is expected by Sarah and Larry, to turn instantly into the white ideal, just like Larry’s immigrant forebears did. None of them ever spoke broken English or with a trace of accent, or faced any cultural resistance from people just like Larry; who were descended from immigrants who arrived a few decades earlier, and thought they had some kind of prior claim on the place. To put Larry’s mindset into Larry’s lingo, “Fuck Politically Correct ASSHATS!!!” really means, “Fuck showing any sensitivity to ‘other’ people from ‘other’ cultures! Let’s make America white again!”
In Larry’s entire existence, he’s never thought of a black person in any other way than as a n_gger; or thought of White Supremacy as anything but the natural order of things that should be taken for granted by everybody, especially members of “inferior” cultures. Joe Sinnott is much the same. When Sinnott says, “What do you expect?” Can anyone in town seriously not hear him saying, “We’re dealing with ‘the blacks’ here!” at the end of that sentence? Please, be honest about it.
The real tragedy here, is that this extreme sickness is being passed on to more generations, because of people like Larry; who believe white people are guiltless, and bear no responsibility to try to cure the social ills of their own making, in their own city. That’s left up to blacks. The 14yo black kid who allegedly shot the white kid dead over a bike, and his parents; are completely to blame, and there’s no need to look anywhere else to see if something might be done to prevent any more such tragedies from happening. There’s no need to examine our government officials, to see what they’ve done, or what they could have done; or to eliminate institutional racism; or spend any money on education; or to try to identify and counsel at-risk youth, etc., etc., etc. All we need to do, is continue to take a reactionary course by throwing kids into adult courts, and jail, jail, jail, until ALL the “thugs” (read: ‘blacks’) are locked up,Illegal Guns & Thugs
and arm lots more people with concealed guns,
Gun Free Zones
but then,

More people pulled guns in 2015


call us when you can work out the logic.Pretzel

People can point fingers anywhere that makes them comfortable, but racism begets racism, and it’s Erie’s twisted two-way racism, that killed one kid and destroyed the lives of a whole bunch of other people last year; including those of two shattered families, and that of the kid said to have shot the victim, with the type of unregistered gun that Larry’s NRA says we need countless more of on the street. This is a local case of white racism reflecting back and tragically biting itself in the ass, nothing less, and we all lose. Everybody in town who tolerates and has tolerated a bigot like Larry Dombrowski in his midst, and doesn’t slap him every time he opens his mouth to make an utterance of racist hate, bears responsibility; whether it’s the rest of our Government officials, or our mute newspaper; but no, Larry does shout outs to his buddy, Bizzarro, who’s got nothing to say, and accepts Larry’s comments as a normal part of his day; and the newspaper rewards Larry with a megaphone, indicating that it too, endorses his White Supremacist philosophy as normal.
Larry’s philosophical brother, Sheriff Clarke, reminds us that torture is a good thing, International Law be damned, by making a bullshit statement that he knows has no foundation in fact.

Sheriff Clarke Loves Torture
We’re unaware of Clarke ever volunteering to be waterboarded, but we strongly believe anyone who advocates torture, like Donald Trump or Sheriff Clarke; should be required to get firsthand experience; and is surely macho enough to do just that, and have it filmed.

Amazing how these guys are all for the law until they don’t like one, which really seems to us to be the wrong attitude for someone in Law Enforcement.
Now Sheriff Clarke reminds us, just because, that labor unions really suck.

Sheriff Clarke Unions Suck

Sure they do. Except for police unions, of course.

With people who think like our Erie elected officials running things, who publicly sneer at the obligations of their jobs; and with people like Larry in Law enforcement, who champion the flooding of our streets with unregistered guns and engage in unlawful racial profiling; we can look forward to decades and decades more of dead kids, and possibly, dead cops in Erie; but people like Larry, and our judges, and the Legal Family, will have lots of work, and be continuing to get stinking rich by perpetuating the racism and violence, exactly like they’re doing now. They’ll even have the same last names.Political Mantra
We wish our judges and Larry would read it, but don’t expect Larry or the DA to start enforcing Public Corruption and Fraud laws against the judges, lawyers, and other corrupt public employees like themselves, or busting the judges for committing outrageous Constitutional violations up the yinyang every day. Clearly, we need the Feds to do that.Why Aren't they being enforced?2

Why, indeed?
If you think you’ve got rights in this country, you find out what you’ve really got,
when you try to get your rights enforced by these people.

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D4C thoroughly condemns Joe Sinnott’s Administration, the entire Court of Common Pleas, and the Times News, for treating the idea that having a public bigot like Larry Dombrowski serving in a public office, is normal, tolerable, and/or acceptable, in 2016 or any other year, anywhere in the US. It is NOT, and hasn’t been for quite a few years. Larry didn’t develop these ideas overnight after he retired, he’s been carrying on about this stuff with his friends and co-workers his whole life, and tons of people have heard it and said nothing at all about it, because a lot of others in Erie public offices do exactly the same thing. It’s part of the culture, and we think it’s an inferior part.
Racism and Genocide may be part of American history, but they are not part of American ideals, or the values we aspire to. In 2007, US Senator Trent Lott, was rebuked, repudiated, and forced out of Congress, for saying Mississippi voters were proud to have supported Segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond when he ran for President in 1948, and adding: “If the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years either.”  Even Bush rejected him, telling an audience the comments “do not reflect the spirit of our country,” sort of like our current President, except Bush was white, so that made a big difference. Clearly, Obama is deserving of Larry’s abject and utmost scorn for saying exactly the same thing:Real Americans are white

Of course not, ‘real’ Americans are white. (sigh) We get it.
The best thing to come out of this, is that it certainly gives all of us in Erie the right to demand from our local judges, law enforcement officers, and politicians like the Mayor and Ryan Bizzarro, who know Dombrowski well and have worked with him extensively; that they reveal to us if they, too, share these extreme ideas about race, religion, and politics? Owing to the implications of Larry Dombrowski’s Twitter comments, an investigation of law enforcement/judicial culture, like the one in Ferguson, is surely warranted in Erie, before the place blows up entirely.
Larry Dombrowski seems to be alone among Erie public officials willing to broadcast such ideas on the Internet; and it doesn’t get more racist than to say, “The world must proclaim Islam is the problem,” or, “The only reform we need is in the abhorrent behavior of young, black males.” We won’t proclaim any such thing as that, but we’ll surely proclaim that the abhorrent behavior of people like Larry Dombrowski is a huge problem. We don’t believe Larry’s angry Twitter posts should reflect the spirit of our city, or its governing authorities, and it’s time for local leaders to step up like Bush did, and reject such values. Mr. Sinnott, this is your big chance. Show us what you care about: stopping the violence; or job creation for judges, lawyers, and detectives.

V. #Deadbeat

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What Constitutes A Thug?

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When you do a Google search for “thug”, guy #1 pops-up, not guy #2. Is guy #3 more threatening to you than guy #4? Why?

We wrote this piece in answer to one of our commenters who said we were the ones sounding racist…

As a class, most white people in Erie believe all blacks are thugs and hoodrats, and we both know it. They believe blacks belong confined to their districts, and give them the evil eye any time they enter the wrong neighborhood, and often subject them to verbal and/or physical harassment. We’ve seen all this in abundance in our town. This is why the place is still so horrifically polarized in 2016. How do you suppose it effects a person and his psyche, to be the recipient of hate, abuse, and judgment throughout his childhood, simply because of the color of his skin? Might that not tend to make him a bit angry with his oppressors, or would that be unreasonable in your opinion? How would you like it? If you’ve never heard a white holler out, “where’d ya steal the bike?” at a black kid in Erie, you must not be from here. It’s practically a rite of passage. You really haven’t ever noticed the almost complete absence of blacks in your daily life in Erie white society, outside of possibly in performance of some menial job? You don’t see it, because you think it’s normal. It isn’t, not with the ethnic make-up of this demographic. If none of this is obvious, start watching and listening more closely. When was the last time another white person whispered a derogatory slur aimed at a black to you, expecting you to agree completely? When was the last time you heard another white speak in a manner that mocks the way black people speak? Earlier today, maybe? Did you say anything, or is that still socially acceptable at the Kahkwa Club? Do you think all the judges and people in the DA’s office don’t do this everyday when dealing with black defendants? Really now.

Erie is economically depressed for the same reason the country is depressed. All the money has been sucked out of our economy by greedy US corporations and people like Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, who don’t care about skin color, only when they’re taking money from people through buying our politicians. The economy will only improve when the people with money start bringing some of it back from the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. The same is true locally. The inner city is depressed because those that have the money, refuse to invest any of it there, unless they happen to be in the business of slumlording.

In Erie, when Erin Connelly says there are no problems in the court in 2015, she means she thinks her father, or any other white judge, is perfectly capable of appreciating the life realities of black people before him, all the way from Niagara Pointe, Frontier Place, South Shore, Fairview, Upper State, or whatever privileged exclusively-white suburban enclave Judge Connelly has spent his entire existence in, like all the other judges. Ditto for Fairview’s Jamie Mead, who is concerned about violence, “as a member of the community.” Since Mead is looking to “spot the bad guy in the courtroom” and put him away, how often do you think the “bad guy” is going to be the corrupt prosecutor colluding with the judge, or the equally corrupt Public Defender? We don’t have such things in Erie? Wake up and smell the coffee, and please don’t be so naive. No one who has spent any time in our Courthouse observing what goes on there, would ever believe such a thing, but none of the “in” people will ever say so, if they want to keep the privileges of clique membership and have a job in Erie. So what do you think, any bad guys there? Or is the bad guy the black man sitting in the Defendant’s chair in an orange jumpsuit, whom they’ve all decided to railroad before the trial starts, because all blacks are hoodrats and he’s got to be guilty of something? Obviously, D4C has different ideas about what constitutes a bad guy than Mead does. We think a bench filled with criminal judges constitutes a far greater threat to society than the entire collective of “thugs” from the eastside. Do you think that makes us weird?

As far as Connelly, he’s plainly clueless, because his rulings show it. He fully expects black guys he trots off to jail better turn themselves into good white boys while they’re there, without any assistance in accomplishing such a miracle; and when they get out, they ass-well better move out of their neighborhoods, and get magically treated like a white person all-of-a-sudden – with a felony wrap and a jail record. This, after most of them have been getting assessed full Child Support by Domestic Relations during their entire stint in the joint, so they can harass and jail them for that, the minute they get out. They better stay out of trouble, or get sent back to jail, jail, jail, because that’s the only thing those ghetto types can understand! They’re completely oblivious to compassion and respect, and they don’t deserve any in Connelly’s view. Real easy for blacks in Judge Connelly’s courtroom, huh? Where’s the jail for John Meisner and Stephanie Domitrovich? That’s the jail of walking-from-committing-a-felony, or getting a “Diversion Program” without even a slap on the wrist at the pinnacle of a criminal career spanning decades.

What do you think would happen if a gang of armed black “thugs” took over the Peninsula? Would they get VIP treatment and a warm handshake from the County Sheriff, like the Bundy Gang in Oregon, not one of whom has ever been referred to as a “thug” or “hoodlum” or “gang member” in the press? That’s right, a pack of white gunmen doesn’t constitute a gang, and all thugs are black, and all blacks are thugs, right?

We fully expect a lot of people are going to be upset by the things we’re saying, particularly because of the incredible denial by Erie, PA, of racism and racial polarization as the town’s biggest GD problem. You want to talk about personal responsibility? We think every white parent has the responsibility to stop teaching hate to his kids, and start giving them a slap in the face for using the n-word. It may take 50 years more to effect any change if we start now, but if no one starts the conversation, in 50 years we’ll be standing right here, and a lot more of our town’s kids will be dead. We want people to be upset, because upset and denial are the first stages people go through when confronting something they sincerely want to believe isn’t there, like white privilege, for example. What we want, is for them to get upset when they see racism, and start calling people out for it. Dr. King cannot have lived in vain.

All we’re really trying to do here, is get that conversation started and get things changed, because bigoted Joe “What-do-you-expect?” Sinnott, has publicly stated that he won’t, and neither will his even more sanctimonious, fellow honky-in-a-suit, Ryan “Where-were-the-parents?” Bizzarro. Bizzarro publicly stated he didn’t give a rat’s ass whether the Erie School system went bankrupt or not. Apparently, he believes Millcreek owes nothing to Erie, and is completely independent of what goes on in here. After all, Millcreek is his district, and it’s where the white people live, and they’re the ones who count. Not all those darky hoodrats from the poor side of town, please. It’s comes much more naturally for Joey and Ryan to wag their fingers, and scold and pass judgment on people who they consider to be beneath them. Imagine how they talk about blacks at the dinner table at home, and what their kids are learning? How are things at your table? Obviously, neither one comprehends that a public official has a duty to conduct his office on behalf of every citizen, not just the ones who are the same color as he; and neither one of these clowns has ever once thought to engage the black community, talk to it, and ask Erie blacks what’s going on in their neighborhoods from the black perspective, and what changes can be made to make things better? Bizzaro is much more concerned with strutting around like a peacock in finely tailored suits, looking handsome, and smoking good cigars. Has either of them taken any interest in finding a solution to the violence, and gone in asking how and if they can help? Nah, it’s much easier to keep occupying the place with an army of white cops and tossing people in jail, because, how could black people possibly have anything of value to offer? Tune them out as soon as they begin speaking if they don’t “talk white.”

Do you really believe all educated blacks hate Erie and have no desire to live here? Have you got any data on that, or is it just an unsupported opinion from you’re-not-sure-where? Give us the data, please. D4C loves data.

The myth of the “deadbeat dad” and the joke phrase of “personal responsibility,” both were borne of white fantasies that blacks lack any parenting instincts at all, don’t give a shit for their kids, and should be punished severely, simply for having them, to discourage them from having any more. This is why Judge Kelly and pure-white Domestic Relations treat blacks the way they do, with complete contempt, and as if they haven’t got rights. Period.

No right to have kids, no right to a decent job or house, and not even the right to keep their babies, once OCY targets them for adoption. After all, blacks don’t care about their babies, they can just go have another ten like they’ll do anyway, since they breed like rabbits. Now, tell me you’ve never heard that phrase down at the Yacht Club.

Check this, there are no deadbeat dads, and the average black cares as much for his kid as you do. Last time we looked, the Right to the pursuit of happiness was not restricted to those who enjoy financial wealth.

The entire Child Support regime was intended from the beginning as a means to punish and oppress blacks and lower-class people; because of white paranoia that some poor black child somewhere might be getting food assistance he “didn’t deserve.” Really. Listen to Clinton’s coded-language speech when he announced he was signing, “The Personal Responsibility And Work Opportunity Act,” alongside his white cohorts, Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole, and try to deny it, if you like; statistics, particularly in Erie County, show that it’s a fact. It’s the same thing today, with the white obsession of denying healthcare to poor people. They’d rather waste billions on a useless, corrupt war machine, than provide healthcare to “any brokedick,” (read: black) because they believe people have no value if they have no money, and need a little assistance which would only benefit society as a whole. Does Christianity teach that only people with money have value? We don’t believe so, but this idea has to be coming from somewhere, and most whites in the US profess to be Christians. No, no, it’s people’s own fault for being born poor, they deserve to be kept that way, and looked down upon and despised by anyone who has more money. If that’s being a Christian, it’s not what Jesus said. It’s not like any poor person possibly could be possessed of brains and creativity, or artistic talent they could explore, if they were a little less stressed in their daily lives; or that such a thing as that might temper violence and crime. Right. This is arcane rocket science, huh? As I write this, the Taxpayer is squandering far more putting people in jail over Child Support, than he ever did paying Welfare. Is this smart, just because a few people in town get rich from it, and it creates an enormous, abusive bureaucracy of white people in the courthouse basement, to keep ‘the blacks’ in line with? A bureaucracy which represents the worst kind of parasitic social cancer, and is staffed with liars, frauds, cheats, and lawbreakers paid for by the Taxpayer? Again, we don’t think so, but most whites would rather pay the Sheriff to run all over the County hauling decent people off to jail, than see a poor hungry black kid get a frigging crumb.

Back to the Connellys for one more minute. They’ve dominated Erie’s closed legal community for decades and certainly made many millions along the way in legal fees. The vast majority of the legal fees generated in Erie County, or certainly a very, very disproportionately healthy chunk of them, are gotten from the black community, either directly, or through Court-appointed lawyers paid for by the Taxpayer. Think any of those lawyers have ever been named Connelly? We don’t know for sure, but it sure isn’t unlikely. Not a dime of that, to our knowledge, has ever gone back to help the community that it has been extracted from. Instead, Erin sees no problems in Erie, and naturally she wouldn’t. Racism doesn’t pose any problem, for her, or any of her friends, this is post-racial America, Judge Roberts said so1 Why should racism be a problem for anybody else in Erie? Incidentally, care to speculate on the success rate of that lone black lawyer from Pittsburgh who comes in once a month, facing this toxic court of cronies? We’re betting it’s zero, what do you think?

Why would anyone ever want someone so short-sighted as Ms. Connelly, to be a judge? We sure wouldn’t, but that’s all Erie County ever gets, or ever will get, in terms of judicial candidates, if nothing is done to remove the “whites only” sign at the entrance to the Erie County Bar Association. Nor would it hurt to do the same at “restaurants” like the Yacht Club, the Kahkwa Club, the Erie Club, Lakeshore, etc., etc., etc.

And then those troublesome blacks have the temerity to holler, “discrimination!” Some nerve! That’s racism in reverse!

Would it kill the Connellys to set up a Foundation and provide scholarships for deserving, disadvantaged kids from our shared inner city, and sponsor them to get into law school in an effort to correct this obscene imbalance; giving something back to the community that has provided the Connellys and all their cronies with such incredible abundance? We don’t think it should, but apparently it would, especially if any such people wanted to come back and set up shop here, and try to break that Bar Assoc. colorline. There couldn’t exist a black man in town who has been victim to this system, who’d take an interest in helping others like him avoid such a fate? That’s why there’s no black-owned community law office on Buffalo Rd.? Blacks don’t have normal human feelings and impulses? No black would ever care about helping his community deal with legal disparity and injustice, because Erie blacks don’t get any of that, right? Any Erie black that goes to law school simply disappears, because they care zip for their town and community, only desire to “escape,” and have no friends or family here. If that’s the case, the only thing they’re trying to escape from is bigotry. More likely, if such a ridiculous fantasy-character exists at all in real life, it’s because he knows he has no chance of making it in this town. Ask Elvage Murphy out in Edinboro if he feels like a member of the “close-knit legal family?” It takes 20 years for a non-native-Erieite white lawyer to get accepted into the good ol’ boy crooked club. Secrecy and intimidation is what’s kept it in business.

People can disagree if they like, that’s how we see it, and we know more about the Courthouse doings than most people, thanks to our cohort, Mikey the Courthouse Mole. Discuss it with us. The only thing that will break the stranglehold of this criminal gang of judges on Erie County, is for people to start demanding better, mobilizing, and throwing every one of these thugs out of office at retention time until they start shaping up. Grabbing Bizzarro, his suit, and every one of his peers by the ear, and demanding they fix the GD system, also wouldn’t hurt. The Connellys and all the other judges in Erie are the ones who should be publicly shamed on FaceBook, not disadvantaged single parents, and we’re happy to be the ones to get that shaming started right now, since it’s so long overdue.

Shame on you Connellys. We know the lot of you is watching. You couldn’t help yourselves.

Shame, shame, shame. Next time we’ll say so with mugshots. The same goes for the Brabenders.

Clean up the act, and we may stop saying so, but we ain’t holding our breath, not until you do.





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Anyone in town who has ever gotten dragged into the ugly vortex of Erie County Domestic Relations’ fraudulent moneymill, or knows the “close-knit” legal community in Erie at all, also knows that Judge Elizabeth Kelly has extra-legally crowned herself Major Domo of ‘Child Support’ in Erie County.  Heck, she’s even corrupted Court Administration and improperly brought judicial case assignment right into her own office, so she can secretly keep certain parties firmly under her judicial thumb, and cherrypick her own cases. This streamlines the process of dispensing fraudulent justice quite nicely, keeps Domestic Relations and the Sheriff busy rounding up more scam victims, and makes things appear to be humming with activity down there to impress the Public. See Judge Kelly sneering at you? It’s very satisfying to fool people into thinking you’re performing a public service while you’re robbing them blind. Why should it be a problem for anyone that Judge Kelly gets her kicks violating Civil/Constitutional Rights on a wholesale basis? After all, Judge Domitrovich has always done the same thing with complete impunity!
Since Child Support laws have been all about oppressing poor people from the outset, this isn’t all that surprising, but even the bigots who wrote these laws could hardly have imagined how much fun they were going to provide Judge Kelly with, in harassing and bullying Erie’s blacks, and anyone else that Judge Kelly thinks is defenseless and can’t fight back. Of course, nobody is supposed to be smart enough to penetrate this disgusting system, because Judge Kelly has even more contempt for the collective public intelligence, than she has for the US Constitution, the Civil Rights Act, what have you. She also has implicit trust in her ability to intimidate courthouse employees into keeping their GD traps firmly shut and cashing their checks. Thank goodness for Mikey the Mole, who watches the judges for us. It’s almost as good as having the place bugged. Judge Kelly gets to decide whether someone has any rights, and if you make her mad, she’ll just jack the Heck out of your support, abuse and shame your kid in public on FaceBook, and haul you off to jail to teach you a lesson. Don’t like it? Cough-up $5000 plus filing fees and try and get relief from her cronies in Superior Court. Just try, haw-haw-haw. When that fails, you can cough-up another $10G’s and try to get the Supreme Court to look at it, when those judges aren’t busy watching porno on the public dime, which is most of the time.
Oh, yeah, if you’re sick and need medication, like over half of Erie County’s inmates, tough shit, you’re cut-off by incarceration. Who cares if the US Supreme Court says they can’t do that because it violates the Constitution? In Erie County, only certain laws apply, and then, only to a very elite group of people; the rest of the time, Judge Kelly, or whoever, decides what laws they’ll enforce, and against whom. Crony legal fees are ALWAYS vengefully enforced to the letter, particularly those invoices that are the product of fraud and overbilling at the judges’ behest. The Constitution is not among those enforced laws, though. What? You actually thought the Judicial Oath Of Office, and the Judicial Code Of Conduct meant something? Didn’t you see how the Judicial Conduct Board rolled over and gave Judge Domitrovich a big, fat reward for pissing all over them both for her entire career? That’s called lip service to the Public, Baby.
Figures don’t lie, Judge Kelly. When 66% of County arrest warrants are for “Child Support” violations, and 65% of the “deadbeats” being harassed and bullied by Domestic Relations and the County Sheriff are black, we’re looking at non-criminal arrests of blacks for Child Support at a rate of 50% for the entire County, where the total population of blacks is about 7%. Distilling these figures even further, it means that 10% of the black men in Erie, PA get subjected to arrest, jail, and public shaming on FaceBook every single year, for ‘violating’ Support Orders that are purposefully fraudulent. How would you like being one of those black men? Think you might get just a tad angry from such treatment?
Phew! Something really stinks there, don’t it? It smells like that powwwwerful odor of mendacity, again. Geeyawd! Trouble is, not one other judge in town can smell it permeating the chambers, in fact, when they get a whiff, they rather like the way it smells. No accounting for taste.
Interesting not one of them can figure out they’re committing Child Abuse, stoking racial hostility, and inciting violence in the community with these dirty tricks. (Actually, they all know it, but doing that stuff is a great method to keep legal fees pouring into the “close-knit family.”) Who cares if it makes for lots of dead Erieites? More legal fees again, and Erieites are low-class dirt (unless they’re from South Shore or Upper State), and the Court doesn’t think people have the least right to get mad at them, either. Better not show a trace of resentment or give them any sass, or they’ll sic OCY on your ass to trump-up some excuse to steal your kid.
Since Judge Kelly is aiding and abetting the Court Administrator in the commission of a public fraud (Actually, it’s probably him that’s the accessory, because he’s too much of a wussified milquetoast to stand up to the judges and conduct his office with integrity, and as the job is defined) and since Domestic Relations official policy regarding hearings, is to instruct its employees to lie to the public about who really runs the place, every Support litigant, black or white, is being denied the Constitutional right to a fair hearing in front of an impartial judge. Pretty neat way to keep ‘the blacks’ in line, huh? Well, maybe, but you might not think so when you’ve been deceived by your schoolteacher into thinking that we all have certain inalienable rights; and then you find yourself standing in front of Judge Kelly and get informed that you don’t have any, while you’re hustled off to the Erie County Prison to sponge-up Taxpayer dollars on behalf of Judge Kelly’s friends. Since Judge Kelly and her Domestic Relations goons seem to enjoy and find “appropriate,” a really sicko form of Child Abuse called public shaming, D4C is looking to start shaming the real and serious public offenders, with their mugshots. Judge Kelly works hard to keep the Internet cleansed of such things, and shots of some people, like the judges, Peter Freed, Mark Causgrove, Carlo Fachetti, etc. are very hard to find. If you have any, send those on over for our Rogues’ Gallery Hall Of Shame. The public has a right to know who its employees are, and to see their faces, especially when it’s being bullied and fleeced by them, and those employees are appropriating pictures of private citizens, without any permission, to create a cruel spectator sport for themselves.

Appeal For Transcripts

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D4C is soliciting for ANY trial transcripts emanating from the Erie County Courthouse to help in our investigation, so anyone who has one they can send us, PLEASE. All information is strictly confidential. We’re looking for more patterns of judicial misconduct, collusion between lawyers and judges, etc., and to find more examples of the same malfeasance and dishonesty that we’ve already seen. Nearly every transcript we’ve looked at has them, and they’re the most useful thing we can get in building a Federal case against the judges. We think transcripts should be Public, because Court proceedings are funded by the Taxpayer, but they’re not. So if you’ve been screwed over in Erie Court and you’re really PO’d and want to fight back, and no one even believes you, we will. Message us with .pdf files if you can. If you need help getting a transcript, we’re here, and most of them don’t cost that much.
These judges rely on the fact that they know all their crony lawyers in town (read: every lawyer), charge thousands for conducting an appeal, that most people in front of them just ain’t got. They also know their confederates in Superior Court (people of the ilk of Michael Joyce) will rubberstamp virtually any garbage that gets sent there without even listening to the Defendant. Don’t they all exhibit the fine character traits we want in our judges, by bullying and abusing the people coming through their courtrooms, and taking advantage of them this way? Naturally, we’re looking for more of the really grotesque Constitutional violations that happen with virtually every proceeding. We’re also looking for any Court Orders that contain bald-faced and verifiable lies.
We get sickened by judicial crooks and dishonest lawyers, but nobody in the profession gives a crap. Erin Connelly, Jamie Mead & Joe Walsh all stated in public that there are, “No problems with the court, at all.” What does that tell you about the reason they want to be judges? It tells us, that they intend to join right in with the abuse party without missing a step, and they want to be judges because they crave power and money, not because they care about serving the public. If they did, they’d be shocked and outraged every time they saw a criminal or abusive act by another judge, not perceive it as normal; and they’d do something to throw out the bums and restore integrity to the court. They would NOT ignore it, say it’s perfectly OK, and brush it off, and they wouldn’t allow fraud and judge-shopping in Court Administration every day for lawyers armed with the secret shoppers’ code. Judges are not supposed to do anything that even remotely looks dishonest or brings the judicial profession into disrepute.
Judges are given the Public Trust and expected to perform their duties with integrity according to the law. Should that really be so difficult for our bleached-white “close-knit legal family?” No, it shouldn’t. They still all be stinking rich if they performed their jobs honestly and worked with integrity, but apparently, they wouldn’t have as much fun, because they don’t consider issuing honest rulings to be as much a challenge as twisting the truth into ten pretzels to support an outrageous fib, and nothing beats thumbing your nose at the law with impunity! That’s what makes the whole deal so satisfying for a dishonest, predatory crook like Stephanie Domitrovich. Michael Joyce claims he made a single act of lawbreaking by mistake one day in all his years of service. Boo-hoo-hoo, don’t you feel sorry for him? We say flat-out, “Ex-Judge Joyce, you’re a complete liar and you know it. Show us twenty trial transcripts and we’ll prove it.” If we can’t, we’ll retract this and say so, but you sure don’t deserve your law license back until you come clean with every rotten detail about how the Erie County Courthouse really operates, if then. We know you’re not about to do that, because the Public, through the efforts of the local Courthouse shill publication, the Times News, has been almost completely brainwashed to believe all these judges are fine upstanding citizens because they put lots of black people in jail; not because they serve with a shred of integrity. Kelly and Domitrovich? Oh, yeah, sure. These are fine people. Sorry, but we’d much rather see Marquis Barnes at one of our parties than either of those two miscreants, it would be much safer.
Most of them treat litigants as if they have no rights at all, and apportion rights largely along lines of skin color, or who has the tightest connection at the Courthouse. They aren’t supposed to lie and spit on the Constitution every day, and laugh about it in their chambers. How well does anyone think this court is doing? Many people in Erie, those who have been there, seem to have the opinion that every judge is dishonest, which we share. Isn’t that because people like ex-Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Joyce have brought the judicial profession into such disgusting disrepute?
Don’t worry, judges constitute a highly protected class of crooks in this country, as people who have to go to court are aware; they enjoy bulletproof immunity from lawsuits, and nearly the same from criminal prosecution. Would we have so many PA convicts that used to be judges, if something radically wrong wasn’t going on in our all-white PA Courts? Yes that’s right, there isn’t a non-white judge in the State as of 2016. Do you think that has anything to do with the racist nature of the law profession in places like Erie?
Send us those transcripts.'s photo.